Penne Pasta with White Asparagus and Rocket Salad

January 29, 2010  |  By The International Kitchen
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Penne Pasta with White Asparagus and Rocket Salad

Congratulation to the Chefs Bérard for being rewarded a Michelin star! Try this delicious recipe for a wonderful spring meal, and learn more about Chef René and Jean-François Berard and their wonderful culinary Cooking Passport to Provence.


* 500 grs. Penne Pasta
* 8 tbsp of Olive oil
* 16 tips of white asparagus
* 1 liter of chick broth
* 1 slice minced onion
* 400 grs. kidney beans
* 4 handfulls of rocket salade (winter cress or arugula), cleaned and stems removed
* Juice of 1 lemon


* Bring water to boil then cook the kidney beans for 5 minutes (they must remain firm). Cool them off under trickling cold water then peel them.
* Cut the asparagus keeping approx. 5 cm. in lenth and roast them in olive oil.
* Heat oil in a deep frying pan. Add the pasta and onion and cook over high heat and stir for 3 minutes.
* Pour in the chicken broth and half the lemon juice, and continue cooking until the Penne pasta is “Al dente”.
* Add the asparagus tips that are already cooked.
* When the pasta has absorbed all the broth, add the other half of the lemon juice, the kidney beans and the rocket salad (the stalks having been removed).
* Mix it all together and serve.

By The International Kitchen
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