Portugal Cooking Vacation: Delectable Portugal in Photos

Visiting Evora on a culinary tour of Portugal.Portugal is often in the shadow of Spain, since its much smaller in land size than its northern neighbor. And it fact, it has similar breathtaking views and just as delicious Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

Exploring Evora on a culinary vacation in Portugal with The International Kitchen.I confess, I anticipated Portugal would be a bit like a “mini-Spain”–until the first time I went there, when I discovered it is an unbelievably beautiful and unique destination, and in many ways unlike its neighbor to the east.

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The country has many charms, from the miles of beach to the impressive mountains, from its fascinating and complex history to its gastronomy. Experience this stunning land with our culinary vacation Delectable Portugal, which was featured in 2013 in a national Portuguese TV show.

Évora itself is a town rich in history and sites to see, and Sofia’s teaching kitchen is the perfect place to explore Portuguese home cooking. The excursion in the region, which is called the Alentejo, are equally sublime, from the hilltop town of Monsaraz, to the mysterious cromeleques, to the monasteries and wineries.

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For a glimpse at the beauty of Portugal and why our clients come back loaded with fabulous recipes, here are some client comments and photos from my family’s fabulous trip!

The chapel of the bones in historic Evora. The cromeleques near Evora Portugal during a family vacation. The beautiful hillside town and castle of Monsaraz, on the border between Portugal and Spain.

“We are now home from what I really think was one of the most memorable trips. I could start and end by saying there was not a thing I would complain about, but that wouldn’t even begin to describe how amazing Sofia and everything was…Our teaching kitchen was the best. Rather than think of it as a chore to cook everyday, it was like our own personal relaxing time. Whenever we entered the charming country kitchen, we were greeted by candle light and a bottle of wine… There were plenty of tastings. The food was delicious and plentiful, and we learned a lot.” – Sheri Z.

Chopping fruit during a cooking class in Evora on a family vacation with The International Kitchen. Enjoying a cooking class with Sofia during a Portugal cooking vacation with The International Kitchen. Enjoying a class with Sofia during our Evora Portugal cooking vacation.

“We were taken care of as if we were the only people to go there. There was lots of cooking which we wanted and the side trips were well put together. We were able to cook for the owner’s family, which was a big event; we even ate with them. Also the staff was the best. To make it even better we joined the staff for their Christmas party. In addition we took side trips in Lisboa. There is much to see and after all you are there. This is one of the few places we would go back.” – Robert and Linda H. of Indiana

Our bedroom at the hotel during our Evora Portugal cooking vacation. A traditional soup from the Alentejo region of Portugal, enjoyed during a culinary vacation with The International Kitchen.

Our Deletable Portugal cooking vacation includes six nights in Évora as well as meals and excursions, and can easily be combined with a stay in Lisbon, such as during our 3-night Lisbon Food Tour.

By Peg Kern

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Originally published August 15, 2013.

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