Cooking and Traditions of Crete

From its gorgeous beaches and breathtaking mountains to its bustling cities and fairytale-like villages, Crete is a magical place. The natural beauty of the Greek island is only rivaled by that of its history, as the island is the birthplace of the Minoans, and even today vestiges of the island’s past populate Crete. Pair the island’s beauty with the gastronomy of the island — which has been named some of the healthiest in the world, as the diet is rich in fruits and vegetables — and Crete has the makings of a foodie heaven.

In this heaven on earth, escape to Lasithi Plateau, one of the largest plateaux in all of Greece and located in a rural part of the island. Don’t be surprised to hear the sound of goat bells, while enjoying the stunning views of cloudy mountain peaks and fertile fields populated with orchards and old wind mills.

Your hosts for the week are the lovely husband and wife team of Yiannis and Eleni, who started offering cooking tours in 2012. Yiannis has a background in geography, and in addition to running the apartments, he represents local cultural organizations. While it is Eleni who leads the cookery courses, he appreciates the traditional cuisine and loves spending time in the kitchen too.

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