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Cooking Vacations in Portugal

The westernmost country of mainland Europe, Portugal bears many similarities to its closest neighbor Spain while maintaining a unique and much-celebrated culture of its own. Its extensive Atlantic coastline and status as one of Europe’s warmest climates make it an obvious choice for those seeking sun and beaches, but its singular culinary history make it a wonderful destination for a culinary vacation. The Portuguese diet includes many staples of traditional Mediterranean cuisine and features fish (in particular dried cod or bacalhau and sardines), lean meats, an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and traditional almond pastry desserts. Portuguese cuisine varies from region to region, but one things remains constant: the love of good, fresh food and wonderful wines such as Port and Madeira, both of which originate here.

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Cooking Vacations in Portugal

Delectable Portugal In Historic Evora - NEW

Located in the heart of Portugal’s sunny Alentejo region, the town of Evora is a charming UNESCO World Heritage Site full of Roman vestiges, as well as medieval churches and palaces. In this dreamy atmosphere, and through cooking classes at your hostess’s property, you’ll embark on a unique gastronomic, wine and cultural experience.

6 nights — Available February through December on request for a minimum of one person and maximum of four people.

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Walking And Cooking In Portugal

Get to know northern Portugal — named the best European destination in 2012 — through hands-on cooking classes, hikes through the region’s stunning landscapes, and city tours with an experienced local guide. This wonderful itinerary is the perfect way to discover the many hidden treasures of Portugal with a healthy mix of walking and cooking.

7 nights – Available any weeks on request year round for a minimum of 2 people, maximum 10.

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Treasures Of Portugal

Travel along the western coast of Portugal and discover the treasures of this vibrant and beautiful country. With stops in big cities like Lisbon and Porto, as well as time in the countryside and along the beach, there’s a little bit of everything on this culinary journey. The tours include a variety of foodie experiences, including a pastry tasting, and a cooking workshop.

7 nights – Available any week on request for a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 10.

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