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Mexico, Central & South America Cooking Tours

Mexico is a traveler’s paradise: desert landscapes, ancient ruins, sophisticated cities, time-warped colonial towns, glitzy resorts, and inviting beaches. This mix of modern and traditional, clichéd and surreal, is the key to Mexico’s charm. Great food in a setting of great beauty…. South America is an equally enticing locale for a cooking vacation full of regional specialties and gorgeous scenery. Whether you visit the relaxed and sophisticated Yucatan, the famed Incan sites of Peru, or any of our other destinations in Mexico and South America, your culinary tour will be the adventure of a lifetime.

A cooking school vacation in Latin America with The International Kitchen means wonderful accommodations and hands-on cooking lessons in which you will learn to make delicious, traditional dishes of Mexican or South American cuisine. Your cooking holiday will also include amazing excursions to local sites such as Izamál and Uxmal in Mexico and Machu Picchu in Peru and gastronomic tours during which you explore the specialities of regional cuisine.

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Regions We Visit in Mexico, Central & South America

Cooking Vacations To Mexico

If you thought Mexico was just a good place to go to the beach, you are in for a wonderful surprise! Journey to a wonderful, up-and-coming culinary destination on a fabulous gourmet cooking tour. Eat at sophisticated restaurants, enjoy hands-on cooking courses featuring plentiful fresh local produce, visit open-air markets, archeological sites and more during your trip to this intoxicating country.

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Cooking Vacations To Central America

Central America is a small region that holds an enormous amount of diversity. From the white sand beaches and tropical reefs to the majestic mountain ranges, there is natural beauty at every turn. Your cooking classes will introduce you to an extremely diverse range of culinary influences boasted by the region, from Spanish, to Creole, Mayan to Afro-Caribbean. Journey to the colorful region of Central America with the International Kitchen, and taste the stunning combination of international flavors that is entirely unique to this part of the world!

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Cooking Vacations To South America

South America, one of our newest destinations, awaits you! The International Kitchen is proud to expand into this diverse and fascinating continent, home to amazing cuisine, famous archeological sites, first-class beaches and resorts, and fascinating local cultures. Join us for a delectable cooking vacation and unforgettable journey in this land of unparalleled beauty and diversity.

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