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Normandy Cooking Vacations

Discover the beautiful sites and wonderful cuisine of Normandy, a land boasting miles of coastline, verdant landscapes, and a rich history, during your French cooking vacation. The blend of maritime and country life in this north-central region of France creates a unique local cuisine. Home of such famed products as Camembert cheese, French cider, and the Calvados apple brandy, Normandy is an ideal destination for a cooking holiday in France. When not delving into Normandy’s gastronomy during your hands-on cooking lessons, market visits, and food tastings, your culinary tour will give you the opportunity to explore the area’s rich history, including the stunning Mont Saint Michel, one of the most visited sites in France, and the beaches of D-Day.

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Cooking Vacations in Normandy

Discover Normandy

Discover Normandy during this cooking vacation in the north of France. Learn from a local chef, explore Norman culture, and have a slice of the art de vivre à la française during your cooking holiday in France!

6 or 4 nights — Available on request for a minimum of two people.

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