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Chef Silvia in the Kitchen: Our Culinary Vacation "Cook Under the Tuscan Sun"

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During my recent visit to Il Falconiere, I had the opportunity to tour the kitchen where the cooking classes take place for our "Cook Under the Tuscan Sun" culinary vacation. I found the kitchen to be a magical place, exquisite yet comfortable. The kitchen is very spacious, with a large table in the middle of the room where more than a dozen people can fit comfortably rolling dough and chopping vegetables.

Chef Silvia and KerrySilvia Baracchi is the chef and magician of the kitchen. She has a dynamic personality and makes you feel comfortable with your level of cooking, no matter what it may be. She will always make sure you have a glass of wine or champagne in hand while creating your culinary masterpieces.

Our group helped Silvia roll pasta into long strands that we used to make beautiful pasta with zucchini. Who knew that rolling dough could be so enjoyable?! But, when you have Silvia by your side, it seems that everything can be fun!

Cook Under the Tuscan SunSilvia also showed us her gorgeous red stove in action when she whipped up pasta nudo (nude pasta) with sautéed vegetables. We then enjoyed our efforts in Silvia’s dining area, which is an enclosed area with a view of the city of Cortona.

You too can enjoy Silvia’s magic by booking the culinary vacation "Cook Under the Tuscan Sun." You can also cook traditional Tuscan dishes in Silvia’s home town with our lesson in Cortona.

By Kerry Herbst

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