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Tomatada is a versatile dish in Portugal, and that might be one reason why it’s so popular in the south of the Iberian peninsula. Not only can be a main dish that stands alone, it can also be served as a starter, side dish, or even as a tomato sauce over meat. Once considered a peasant dish, today it’s a gourmet dish that is served in restaurants as well. This particular recipe comes from Sofia of our Delectable Portugal cooking vacation. She loves to make it for her family, and often serves it with fried fish!

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_Serves 4 people_

* 4 tomatoes (big and very mature)
* 8 cloves of garlic
* 1 onion
* 1 bayleaf
* Sea salt (to taste)
* 4 eggs
* Olive oil


1. The first step is the base of 90% of all Portuguese cooking: Chop the garlic and onion, and then fry it really slowly in olive oil in a big frying pan.

2. When the garlic becomes golden in color, add the tomato (without the seeds). Sofia says you can used canned tomatoes, but she prefers fresh, because it results in a better, bigger sauce. Optional: add a bit of black pepper.

3. Stir with a wooden spoon in order to mix everything.

4. Also use the spoon to smash the tomatoes very slowly.

5. When the tomatoes are smooth, pour the eggs in to poach them.

Bom Proveito! Enjoy!

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