How to Fill Out the Passenger Locator Form to Visit Italy or France

May 3, 2022  |  By Peg Kern
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Arriving in Europe on a culinary tour with TIK.Recently several of our tour destinations required a special form be completed to enter the country. This was a new requirement that was started due to COVID. Italy removed this requirement as of May 1, 2022. France’s Foreign Ministry site says that passengers “may” be required to fill out the form, which might indicate it also will soon be suspended.

Here are the instructions should it once again become necessary to complete the form.

Two of our most popular destinations – Italy and France – use the same online form: Once you complete it, you are emailed a QR code that you present at the airport. It’s that easy!

France also allows you to complete a printed, hardcopy PLF, which is collected by the airline staff.

A couple of suggestions before you begin. First, wait to fill it out until less than 14 days before your departure. Second, remember that the optional fields are just that – optional!

Girl traveling in foreign city with leather backpack.How to Fill Out the Passenger Locator Form for Italy or France

Although relatively easy to complete, there are a couple of tips we can provide to make the process smoother. There are basically 7 steps, some of which only apply to travelers to Italy:

  1. Create an account
  2. Select your destination and transportation type
  3. Agree to the terms
  4. Enter your flight information
  5. Enter your personal information
  6. Enter your temporary (local) address
  7. Agree to comply with the entry requirements and submit

Creating an account to fill out the passenger locator form. Step 1: Create an Account

The first step is to go here:

Unless you have never used the internet, this step should be pretty easy! You need to enter your valid email address and create a password. Then you will receive an email to verify the account. Once you have clicked to verify, your account is active and you simply return to the login page, enter the newly verified login information, and voilà!

Step 2: Select Your Destination and Transportation Type

Filling out the passenger locator form to go to Italy.If you are completing the form for one of our tours, you will select France or Italy as your destination. From there you will be asked to select your transportation type.

For France, the only option will be “Aircraft,” as only travelers arriving by air are required to complete the form.

For Italy, you will most likely select “Aircraft,” unless you happen to be arriving by one of the other options listed. Since 99.9% of our travelers arrive by air, we will continue with the instructions based on that.

Step 3: Agree to the Terms

Click to indicate you will fill out the form completely, correctly, and truthfully, then click to indicate you have read the privacy notice.

Step 4: Enter Your Flight Information

Selecting flight time while filling out the passenger locator form. You will first be asked if it is a direct flight (one flight each way with no connections) or non-direct flight. If it is a non-direct flight, you will be required to complete the next steps for each leg of your flight.

You will be asked to fill in the following fields:

  • Airline name
  • Flight number
  • Seat number (required for France, optional for Italy – if you do not have an assigned seat put “unknown”)
  • Previously Visited Countries (optional – leave blank)
  • Boarding Country/Territory/Place
  • Date/time of departure
  • Boarding airport (can be “Other”, in which case you will be given another field in which to manually enter the departure airport)
  • Date/time of arrival
  • Final destination airport

These should all be pretty straightforward. The only thing that sometimes confuses our travelers is that the flight times are entered via a dial. You first select the hour, then the minute, and you do so using military time. So a 7:35 pm flight will require you to select first “19” on the dial (for 7pm) and then “35” on the minute dial.

Repeat as necessary for each separate flight of your journey.

Step 5: Enter Your Personal Information

Again, this is relatively easy to complete. When you enter your US phone number, you must enter it as +1 then the area code and number with no spaces or dashes. So, +12345678900 would be a correct way to enter it.

Your street address and house/building number go on separate lines.

Step 6: Enter Your Temporary Address – Italy Only

A suite at the villa where you stay on your culinary tour of ItalyWhen asked if you will be staying at a temporary address in the next 14 days, select “yes.” This is where you will enter the information about where you will be staying during your trip to Italy. If you are doing one of our tours, you will usually select “Hotel/Guesthouse” for this. You can find the address for where you will be staying on the travel documents sent to you by us. If you are uncertain of the address, just ask us!

If you are traveling to France, this information is optional.

After this step you will be given the opportunity to provide an emergency contact. Feel free to fill this in, but note that it is optional, so not required. If you do fill it in, use the same format for entering the phone number (+12345678900).

Step 7: Agree and Submit – Italy Only

The Duomo of Florence seen from the distance during a tour of Tuscany with The International Kitchen.Finally, you will be asked to certify that you will comply with the entry provisions. Usually this means presenting proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative COVID test. Once you have agreed, you simply click submit.

For France, this step is not required.

You can download our PDF guide to completing the Passenger Locator Form for Travel to Italy HERE.

By Peg Kern

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