Fresh Fruit Gratin

January 29, 2010  |  By The International Kitchen
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Fresh Fruit Gratin

Perfect for a summer day or a summer party — as if you need an excuse to make this delectable sweet dish — this fresh fruit gratin is flavored with rosemary.

Enjoy this wonderful Provencal recipe and don’t forget to checkout all of our amazing cooking vacations in Provence!


* 60 gr of butter
* 1 fresh pineapple
* 1 apple
* 1 pear
* 1 banana
* 1 kiwi
* 4 egg yolk
* 20 cl of fresh cream
* 80 gr of sugar
* rosemary


1. Bring the fresh cream to boil, then infuse some fresh rosemary.

2. Peel all fruit and dice.

3. Using a frying pay, fry all diced fruit in butter with the sugar until the fruit is slightly caramelized. Place into a gratin dish.

4. Mix the egg yolk with sugar until white. Add infused cream and pour mixture into the gratin dish.

5. Glaze in hot oven.

6. Decorate with fresh mint, red currant, etc. and enjoy!

By The International Kitchen
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