Duo of Chocolate Marquise with Caramel Ice Cream

June 1, 2010  |  By The International Kitchen
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Duo of Chocolate Marquise with Caramel Ice Cream

Try this amazing dessert from our new friends at Le Calabash Cooking School.

Chef Sidney says: “Ever since I can remember I have been a chocoholic and marrying a pastry chef is a marriage made in heaven. This is one of Alison’s recipes to which I have added caramel ice cream, as they go together so well. It is important to use the best chocolate you can lay your hands on. There are a few exceptional exotic chocolates that are now freely available from Tanzania, Ghana and Venezuela which I enjoy using.”


_Serves 10_

*For Dark Chocolate Marquise*
300 g dark chocolate (75% Cocoa content) (10 1/2 oz)
100 g butter (3.5 oz)
4 egg yolks
4 egg whites
200 g castor sugar (7 oz)
60 g water (2 oz)

*For Milk Chocolate Marquise*
300 g milk Chocolate (10 1/2 oz)
100 g butter (3.5 oz)
4 egg yolks
4 egg whites
200 g castor sugar (7 oz)
60 g water (2 oz)

*For Caramel Ice Cream*
750 ml milk (about 3 1/4 c)
250 g castor sugar (9 oz)
250 ml heavy cream (about 1 c)
10 egg yolks
sea salt (to taste)


*For the Chocolate Marquises*

_Both the Dark and Milk Chocolate Marquise are made using the same procedure. What Chef Sidney likes doing is making them in two rings, one a little smaller than the other, so that when he serves them with one placed on top of the other they resemble a tiered gateau._

Melt dark and milk chocolate separately in a clean and dry bowl over hot water, ensure it does not come in contact with any moisture.

Stir the softened butter and egg yolks into the respective chocolate and set aside.

Prepare an “Italian meringue” by cooking sugar and water to 120°C (250°F). Then while whipping the egg whites to a soft peak, pour cooked sugar slowly in a fine stream, whipping into the egg whites. (You can combine the two meringue recipes and divide when folding into your two chocolate mixtures.)

When the meringue is nearly cold, gently fold into respective chocolate batters.

Pour into your rings, one mousse in larger rings and one in smaller rings if you like. Place in refrigerator. If you do not have rings you can prepare in a loaf tin pouring one on top of the other, thus having a layer effect when you slice your Marququise for serving.

When removing from rings or mould make sure to heat a little with your hands or blowtorch.

*For the Caramel Ice Cream*

_Ice Cream machines have become evermore affordable and making your own ice cream is fun and can be quite adventurous. Some are more simple than others but fun anyway for true gastronomic adventurers._

Combine milk with 100 g sugar and egg yolks.

Make a caramel with the remaining sugar by cooking sugar in a dry pan. Do not stir, just melt and let brown.

Deglaze caramel with cream, add a hint of sea salt to taste, and bring to boil.

Add caramel cream to egg mixture, boil and bring to 86°C (185°F), then chill in refrigerator overnight or until you are ready to churn it in ice cream maker.

Churn according to the instructions of your ice cream maker.

By The International Kitchen
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