Cooking Class Memories: A Day in Paris with Karen

February 1, 2013  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Cooking Class Memories: A Day in Paris with Karen

We recently sent out an email asking for clients to share some of their favorite memories from past trips with us. Our first reply came from Dr. Ray B. of Michigan, who took a class in France:

“I was in Paris for the marathon and took an International Kitchen cooking class that was one of the great memories of my life. In addition to meeting Karen Herbst [the owner] and dining with her, it was great to see her as the dishwasher for the chef!  She got “down and dirty” in the kitchen washing the dishes and cleaning up after the students and the chef.  It was great to see the president’s commitment to her clients and chefs!”

We offer a variety of Paris one-day classes; Spend time in the kitchen with home chef Marthe, or head to a cooking school class to learn about traditional French cuisine from Chef Eric or one of his professional collaborators. You can start the day with a visit to the market with the chef, and then head back to prepare a full meal, including starter, main course, and dessert. Of course, lunch (or dinner) will follow complete with good French wine!

Paris continues to be one of our top culinary destinations. Not only is it home to deliciously fresh dishes, often made with goods from the local market, but also stunning and beautiful desserts, like macarons! A cooking class in Paris is a perfect add-on to any trip, but we can also build a whole culinary vacation itinerary for you in this incomparable city. Just write us for details.

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By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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