Cooking in Brittany

Brittany juts out into the sea from the northern shores of France, and it offers an intriguing mix of Celtic and French cultures. Its stunning, craggy shores, megalithic monuments, and medieval castles seem lifted from Arthurian legend. See firsthand landscapes that have been inspiring awe in visitors for centuries, all while exploring the best of Breton, French, and European cuisine during hands-on cooking courses.

Join us for an intensive cooking week in this mythic land, where French flavors will come alive!

Cooking in Brittany Reviews

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Our hosts were passionate about their work and did a great job teaching you to cook delicious food that you can make at home. They are organized and thoughtful in their approach and take time and have patience for teaching (something which in my experience is an art). They are also engaging company with interesting life experiences. Their suggestions with what to do with free time were "spot on." The school is a warm and inviting space. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about learning to cook great food in a wonderful location. The gite was pleasant and we appreciated that we could walk to the school (so we could have wine with dinner). [Regarding the cooking vacation packet:] Directions to the cooking school. I would say turn left at the fork and not say there was a square. We had trouble finding the location. A 3D map would help. [Regarding The International Kitchen staff:] Good. All worked fine. Patricia K. and Jeffrey M., NY
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The cooking course was a wonderful experience. Our hosts were warm, knowledgeable, and helpful with whatever we needed to make our stay more enjoyable - for example by suggesting activities during our off time and providing us with directions, pamphlets, and tips on how long it would take to go to a particular place in the surrounding area and what to do once there. Henry