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Fish dish at the Villa Luppis on your cooking vacation in Italy

Luxury and Gastronomy at Villa Luppis

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Cooking Vacations In Friuli Venezia Giulia

Bordered by Austria, Slovenia, and Veneto to its West, Friuli Venezia Giulia is considered the “Land of Contrasts.” From the Alps in its North to its sandy beaches along the Mediterranean Sea, the Italian region has numerous natural beauties to share with visitors. UNESCO sites such as the ancient Roman city of Aquileia and the dramatic peaks of the Dolomites are historic and geographical wonders of the region. The region also features several natural parks that were established to protect the land and allow for wonderful hiking and skiing adventures.

In addition to the beautiful diverse landscape, Friuli Venezia Giulia has a rich history of connecting Italy with the rest of Central and Eastern Europe culturally, economically, and gastronomically due to its location – another reason for its nickname, ‘land of contrasts’. Unique flavors and practices have developed with their wines, cheeses, meats, and other culinary treasures because of its special Northeastern Italian background and traditions; Prosciutto di San Diele is perhaps one of its most well-known and popular exports, but the area also produces a range of salame and pork products, strudels, and polenta. Explore these characteristic delights by experiencing them firsthand on one of our fantastic culinary vacations.

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Luxury And Gastronomy At Villa Luppis

Discover the history and gastronomy of northern Italy with a trip to Villa Luppis, a 4-star private estate. Through wine and grappa tastings, cooking classes in the hotel restaurant, and visiting one of the oldest ham producers in the world, guests will also be introduced to the many flavors of the local gastronomy, in the process discovering why this region is known as the “land of contrasts.”

Explore Luxury And Gastronomy At Villa Luppis

Learning new skills and having fun during a cooking vacation with The International Kitchen.

Learning new skills and having fun during a cooking vacation with The International Kitchen.