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Cooking Vacations in Brittany

Brittany is one of France's most fascinating regions, a land of sea and history, a cross between its history as a Celtic settlement (even its name associates it with Great Britain), and modern day French culture. It should surprise no one that the landscape is stunning and majestic, timeless as though culled from Arthurian legend. A peninsula jutting out from northwest France, Brittany is bordered on the north by the English Channel, on the south by the Bay of Biscay. The coast is full of cliffs, caves, small islands and inlets, and naturally this translates into a gastronomy that focuses on seafood! Mussels and oysters are a part of life, as are many fish dishes such as cotriade, the local fish stew, which is often paired with the region's famed cider. Brittany's long and colorful history is readily evident in its cultural patrimony: the megalithic monuments like the Carnac Stones, the many medieval castles and walled towns, and its Romanesque and Gothic churches.

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Cooking Vacations in Brittany

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Enjoy an intensive cooking vacation in Brittany, where your hosts will teach you all about French cuisine. Twice daily cooking classes, a market visit, amazing food, and free time to explore the region make this an unforgettable cooking tour.

6 nights — Available year round on request.

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