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Culinary Vacations to Croatia

From the goulashes and paprikashes in the north to the truffles of Istria and the oysters of the Dalmatian Coast, the culinary traditions of Croatia date back to ancient times and blend together East and West European traditions. The country spans just over 20,000 square miles, and its gastronomical offerings are immense. The flavors of the mainland have been greatly influenced by Hungary and Turkey, while the ancient Greeks and Romans — and later the Italians and Mediterranean — have impacted the dishes of the extensive coastline on the Adriatic Sea, creating a fusion of flavor you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

A Croatian cooking vacation with The International Kitchen means learning how to roast and grill meat the way Croatians do — using an iron bell called peka; experiencing the flavors of fresh seafood tossed on the grill with olive oil, vegetables, herbs, and spices; and tasting the hearty stews and soups that are so often enjoyed on Sundays when the family traditionally gathers around the table together. These rustic and delicious meals aren't complete without a glass of world-class wine from one of the 300 wine producing areas; spicy wines hail from the north, while the more subtle wines are typically found along the coast.

Croatia cooking classAdd Croatia to your bucket list today, and you'll have an incredible experience exploring this historic yet modern country that offers both bustling cities and charming relaxing coastline with English-speaking guides. An added bonus? It's one of the sunniest regions in Europe.

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Regions We Visit in Croatia

Cooking Vacations On The Dalmatian Coast

Discover the historic and thriving cities of Split and Dubrovnik, relax on the stunning islands right off the coast, and explore the ancient towns in the beautiful countryside during your memorable Croatia cooking vacation. An increasingly popular destination, the Dalmatian Coast has it all: beautiful scenery and a cuisine that melds Italian traditions with Eastern European flavors. Learn the secrets of Croatian cuisine all while exploring this unique and fascinating country.

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