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Cooking Vacations in Africa

From northern Morocco to South Africa, the African continent offers culinary trips unlike any other we offer. Where can you watch lions drinking at a watering hole one day, and cook South African barbeque the next? Where can you visit several different souks (markets) in a single day, and then travel into the dessert on camelback? Only in Africa.

Some clients ask, why choose a cooking vacation to visit such a remarkable and exotic land? We believe that what anyone wants on an adventure to an exotic location is an "in" to the culture—a way to feel at home and safe exploring a place so different from one's own homeland. Our intimate and fun culinary vacations provide just that "in," as it has long been clear to us that the quickest access into a local culture and its traditions is through its cuisine and its mealtime customs.

Your culinary tour in Africa with The International Kitchen will include accommodations in comfortable, first-rate hotels, riads (traditional Moroccan abodes with an interior garden), and game preserves; hands-on cooking lessons featuring some of the staples of African and Moroccan cuisine; excursions; transfers and more.

Regions We Visit in Africa

Cooking Vacations To Morocco

Visit northern Morocco and explore the culinary richness of its many regional dishes. See such famed cities as Fes, Casablanca, Rabat and Essaouira while staying in lovely hotels and riads. And of course, don’t forget the cooking lessons, during which you will master Moroccan spices and learn the secrets of delectable Moroccan cuisine.

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