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Chef Interview: Laura of Italian Cooking at Casa Ombuto

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In the next installment of our chef interviews, we visit with Chef Laura Giusti of the Mediterranean cooking itinerary of one of our best-selling culinary vacations in Tuscany, Italian Cooking at Casa Ombuto. Chef Laura is a native of Tuscany, and she couples her impressive cooking credentials with interests in wine, the SlowFood movement, and international cuisine.

What is your first memory of cooking?
I started making cakes, for breakfast, for afternoon, enjoying making custard cream and chocolate cakes, because I loved all different kind of dessert and My mother was great with savory recipes, but a disaster with desserts, so mine was a need.

Chef Laura Giusti of Mediterranean Cooking Course at Casa OmbutoWhere or from whom did you learn about cooking?
At the beginning I was going through by myself, then I started learning by a few famous Italian chef.


What is your favorite ingredient or food to cook with? Least favorite?
I love homemade dough, whisking flour, water, yeast or eggs, for me it's an unbelievable pleasure. Least favorite or probably impossible to cook, are lobsters, I couldn't cook them live in hot water.

What's your favorite dish?
Pasta, a dish of spaghetti or linguine with a simple fresh seasoning, extravirgin olive oil, garlic, ripe tomatoes, basil, parmigiano.

What is the best piece of advice you would give someone just starting to cook?
Experience a true love for food, and always look for the best seasonal ingredients.

A plate of spaghettiHave any funny or embarrassing stories you'd like to share?
Funny and embarrassing in the same time is each time watching a few foreigner people at the table eating pasta, cutting it with a knife or using fork and spoon, so inappropriate.

Why do you like teaching cooking classes?
 I love to share my experience, and to transmit my big passion and love for cooking.

What's unique about the food from your region?
Surely a great cooking made with fabulous ingredients, extravirgin olive oil, meats, to mention just a few, but above all are simple and authentic recipes, where we can taste the flavour of each individual ingredient. 

Culinary travelers enjoying a meal after a cooking course in Tuscany Anything else you'd like to share with clients of The International Kitchen?
To participate one time in the life to a cooking class will be an unforgettable experience: cooking together, sharing a wonderfully set table with friends I think it's one of the biggest pleasure in life.

Let Chef Laura teach you the bold flavors of Tuscan and Mediterranean cuisine during a week-long cooking vacation at Casa Ombuto, where you might learn such dishes as: panzanella salad, stuffed zucchini flowers, pecorino and pear flan, risotto with saffron, tagliatelle pasta with meat sauce, pici pasta with broccoli and bacon, T-bone steak Florentine-style, roast pork loin, wild boar, and a variety of Italian desserts!

By Peg Kern

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