The International Kitchen Blog: Dinner Dish - Puglia Cooking Class - Ran-Away Fish Soup
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Dinner Dish: Puglia Cooking Class - Ran-Away Fish Soup

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The heel of Italy known as Puglia has a plethora of agricultural traditions, as the land is fertile here. But seafood dishes are aplenty too since the region has 500 miles of coastline. Chef Rita shares one of her food traditions, sugo di pesce fuggito (ran-away fish soup with spaghetti).

Discovering Puglia cooking vacationAccording to Rita, this is her modern take on a 1700s recipe created originally by Apulian chemist Sebastiano Mona. The stew was popular until the end of the second world war. You will learn other interesting cooking methods as well as age-old recipes through her cooking vacation "Discovering Puglia."

1 kg (just over 2 lbs) empty sea shells and sea pebbles
3 liters boiling water
2 celery leaves
2 basil leaves
1 onion
Pepper to taste
700 grams (about 1 1/2 lbs) peeled tomatoes
100 grams (just under 7 tablespoons) oil
700 grams (about 1 1/2 lbs) spaghetti

puglia vacationDirections:
Put the sea shells and sea pebbles in a pan with three liters of water at a low flame and skim the water.

Then add the celery leaves, basil leaves, an onion, some pepper, peeled tomatoes, and oil.  Higher the flame and continue cooking the broth.

Sift the water, and when the water boils, add the spaghetti.

As Rita says, "here’s your tasty fish soup ... without fish!"

* * *

The cooking vacation "Discovering Puglia" includes six night accommodations at a charming masseria (a countryside mansion), all meals, two hands-on cooking classes, and excursions, including a unique market visit in Mola and the UNESCO site Matera.

By Liz Hall

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