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World Travel Awards names Peru top culinary vacation destination

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South America is a continent full of exotic and delicious flavors in traditional recipes as well as European-influenced dishes made with local ingredients, such as corn, lima beans, sweet potatoes, chocolate, and peanuts. Peru is one of those magical countries and is increasingly popular for tourists looking to experience authentic and modern South American cuisine during a cooking vacation. As such, it's no surprise that last week the World Travel Awards declared Peru the leading culinary destination in South America.

Peru is the perfect example of a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, and not just because restaurants along the coast offer more than 2,000 kinds of soups and 250 desserts. Enjoy seafood, such as ceviche, from the coast as well as grains and meats from the Andes, and tropical fruits from the jungle.

Our South American cooking vacation, "Magical Peruvian Adventure," highlights the diverse cuisine with a tour of both Lima and Cusco. In the capital of Peru, you'll even get to experience cooking classes where you'll learn to make traditional dishes such as causa limeña (a potato dish), lomo saltado (beef and chilies), and suspiro a la limeña (caramel meringue parfait), for example.

In Cusco, enjoy a home-style traditional menu as well as an exotic 7-course tasting menu. But it's not just about fresh food here; you'll also get to experience how to make a traditional Peruvian cocktail class.

The country of Peru is full of an amazing array of cuisine to explore, and it's no wonder that World Travel Awards, with the help of travel experts and tourists, chose Peru as the top culinary vacation destination spot in South America. But can it win against the other regional winners? The 2012 overall awards will be announced this December.

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