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Southern Italy cooking vacations: Discovering limoncello

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Lemons are everywhere in Italy's Campania region. Even the bustling city center of Sorrento is home to a beautiful citrus grove open to the public on Corso Italia. Private groves abound too; our cooking class "Lesson with Zia Angela," is located on the eastern edge of Sorrento and the property includes not only lemon trees but olive trees and grape vines.

With the plethora of lemons growing across the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts, it's no surprise that visitors can get their very own taste of limoncello, an Italian lemon liqueur, nearly everywhere they go. In Sorrento, a walk down Via San Cesareo during our "Blue Sky and Sea of Amalfi" cooking vacation or "Sorrento Cooking Experience" will introduce you to all sorts of shops and families selling their very own limoncello. That's because families take the drink seriously here and have passed their "secret" recipes down for generations. That also means you can sample a variety of these sweet after-dinner liqueurs.

Limoncello is often made near the end of June after the lemons are picked, and some families will tell you that they're made using 50% grain alcohol and 50% water, along with lemon zest and sugar mixed in too of course. The end result is a sweet, bright yellow treat that packs a punch -- and, no, the lemon liqueur here in the U.S. is nowhere near the same.

Get a taste of the true Italian after-dinner drink at some of our Amalfi Coast cooking vacations. "Mediterranean Cooking Experience," with Chef Carmen, includes a tasting of limoncello after a light lunch. "Cooking Under a Golden Sunset," as well as "Villa Romana," take the experience even further, offering an inside look at how limoncello is made during a factory visit.

Read more about our Amalfi Coast cooking vacations, along with what other tasty treats you'll be able to discover and try, on our Website.

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