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November 16, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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Earlier this week we listed some of the answers to the question, “Why TIK?” Among the answers? Our expertise, our passion, our customer service, and our commitment to providing you with the cooking vacation or culinary tour of your dreams! But don’t take our word for it, read what some of our travelers have said out booking a cooking vacation with The International Kitchen! (Note that the pictures are from other happy travelers, but not necessarily the travelers quoted.)

Clients at a cooking class in Italy “You have a wonderful staff in Chicago and Europe. Everyone really made me feel important and I know you have hundreds of guests every year so it would be easy for a single guest like myself to get lost in the crowd, but that did not happen.”
What we love about this comment? We think your trip is important. Whether you are a family of 8 booking an all-inclusive stay or a solo doing a 3-night self-drive, it’s your vacation and it IS important. And we strive to make sure our travelers know that.

“Superb, magnanimous … God Bless this agency for serving the customer so well. Keep up the good work of being responsive and offering delightful and fulfilling trips for first-time or even established travelers. I cannot say enough about my first trip to Italy….The International Kitchen far exceeded expectation for customer satisfaction!”
What we love about this comment? Well, besides being called magnanimous, we love that we helped a first-time traveler to Italy have the vacation of her dreams, and that she appreciated the service we try to provide our customers!

Culinary traveler in Provence “I have to say, they are one of the most professional companies I’ve had the pleasure to do business, with from start to finish.”
What we love about this comment? It’s from one of our travel agent clients. Whether booking direct or through your agent, we love knowing that our customers can expect the best in customer service and professionalism. Not to mention, the very best in culinary tours!

“We are experienced travelers and this trip was one of the best. We look forward to booking another vacation with your Company. Rest assured we have and will continue to tell all of our friends about this wonderful vacation and how first rate the entire experience was.”
What we like about this one? We love that even experienced travelers appreciate our services, and the fact that we can provide them with experiences they could not find on their own. This is one of our mantras – provide something extraordinary, provide something unique, provide something authentic for each and every of our travelers.

Cooking on the Amalfi Coast “I’m so glad that we picked the International Kitchen to organize that portion of our trip. It was the one time during our month-long vacation that I didn’t have to worry about hotels, restaurants, language barriers or transportation. It was fantastic.”
And this one? We love this one because it confirms that we are giving our travelers what we want to give them: peace of mind, and a first-rate, unforgettable trip.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our reviews. Peruse our Reviews if you want to read more about how wonderful we are! And then book your culinary vacation so you can experience first hand how awesome it is to travel with TIK!

By Peg Kern

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