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November 16, 2020  |  By Darlene Pereda
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Are you looking for a “trulli amazing” experience in Italy? Look no further!

Ceramics in Puglia Discover the unspoiled southern region of Puglia known for its whitewashed villages, beautiful Adriatic coastline, charming historic farms surrounded by centuries-old olive groves — known locally as masserie — and its UNESCO World Heritage city Alberobello in the Itria Valley. There you will fall in love with the charming conical stone houses dotting the countryside, called Trulli. If you are feeling artistic, Grottaglie, known for its ceramics is a must. Visit the famous Fasano ceramic shops for beautiful pumi, which you’ll notice decorating Pugliese homes everywhere you go. A pumo is a symbolic pomegranate blossom bringing good luck and fertility.

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Vacationing in Puglia But what I love the most about Puglia are the friendly people and the Pugliese cuisine with its abundance of farm fresh vegetables and local extra virgin olive oil. You can find amazing small towns (or “Borghi“) dotting the region, each of which is picturesque and worth visiting. Stroll down tiny lanes and alleyways in old Bari and come across Apulian women enjoying the warm weather outside their historic homes while making handmade orecchiette, the traditional pasta of the region. Not to mention the must-try local fresh cheese, Burrata! Because of its proximity to the Adriatic Sea, fresh and even raw seafood is an essential part of any culinary vacation in Puglia.

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I can’t forget to mention the growing variety of DOCG, DOC and IGP wines produced throughout the region as well. Puglia has so much to offer and is by far my favorite low-key destination and a must see in Italy.

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In fact, I love it so much stay tuned for more blogs on Puglia!

By Darlene Hall

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