Honey-Roasted Pork with Chestnut Confit

January 29, 2010  |  By The International Kitchen
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Honey-Roasted Pork with Chestnut Confit

h2. December 2009

Try this amazing holiday recipe from Bordeaux, and let us know if you would like to enjoy this and
other recipes in their natural setting, complete with
trips to local markets, wine tastings and more!


For pork
3-4 lb* loin of pork, on the bone if possible
3 cloves of garlic, cut into slivers
12 sage leaves
fresh salt and pepper for seasoning
2 generous sprigs of thyme
2 medium sized onions
bouquet garni
1 large carrot, sliced crosswise
2 tablespoons of groundnut oil
2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons of honey

For chestnut confit
2 lbs. chestnuts
4 oz baby white onions, peeled and chopped
8 shallots, peeled and chopped
4 oz butter
2 oz good-quality smoked bacon, chopped
3 cups of chicken or duck stock
3 oz fresh shelled walnuts
salt an pepper

*Leftovers are not a problem…the pork is also great cold!


The night before:
Insert slivers of garlic all over the joint. Roll
the sage leaves in the palm of your hand and then season them with salt
and pepper. With the point of the knife make tiny slits in the pork and
insert the leaves. Rub the roast with salt and
thyme, then wrap in plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator. The
flavours will enhance overnight.

To prepare the roast:

Preheat over to 400°F (200°C).

Take the roast out of
the fridge about a half an hour before cooking. Wipe it with a paper
towel. Heat the oil in a casserole dish over medium heat. When the oil
is hot place the pork in the casserole pot and allow to brown, turning
from time to time.

Add the onions, carrots and the bouquet garni and cook for 3-4

Cover the casserole pot, place in the oven, and let meat roast for about one and a
half hours, turning it often.

Take the meat out of the pot, season with salt and
pepper and set aside. Turn the oven up to 475°F (240°C)

Deglaze the pot with a cup of water or light chicken
stock and boil gently for 15 minutes, until the liquid has reduced by half.
Baste the roast with the honey and
vinegar and put back in the hot oven, uncovered, for 12-16 minutes, until it has a nice caramelized color.

Pass the reduced deglazed jus through a sieve for serving.

Remove the meat and let it rest for 15 mins before carving. Serve with chestnut confit (recipe follows).

Preparation of chestnut confit

Roast and peel the chestnuts.

Heat the butter in deep sautee pan and add the onions, shallots and

After they are lightly colored but not browned, add the stock. Cook over low heat, reducing the liquid slowly, for about 25 minutes.

Add the
chestnuts and then the walnuts and cook for a few more minutes, or until they
are heated through.
Serve with the roast pork and perhaps brussel sprouts or roasted or mashed potatoes.

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