Grilled Octopus Recipe from Chef Giuseppe on the Amalfi Coast

June 24, 2020  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Grilled Octopus Recipe from Chef Giuseppe on the Amalfi Coast

The Sorrentine Peninsula is regaled time and time again for its stunning coastline and charming small towns. But a trip to this part of Italy is also a delight to the tastebuds with a range of gastronomical specialties that are influenced by both the land and the sea.

Chef Giuseppe on the Amalfi CoastIt’s here, in this stunning part of the country, that Chef Giuseppe has made a home and name for himself, well before he started offering culinary vacations. “I was 12 years old when I went to visit my aunt who ran a hotel not far from Rome. I spent a few weeks there and, every day, I sneaked in the chef’s kitchen to peek between the dishes he was making. I was enchanted by his work and by the clients compliments on his cooking. In those days, I decided that in my life I’d also become a chef!!!”

Over the years, he’s traveled all around the world, and when he returned to Italy, he decided to bring the flavors he’d experienced back with him to influence his Italian dishes. He’s worked in well-known hotels and restaurants, including Michelin-rated ones, and everywhere he goes, he creates incredible cuisine that features locally-sourced ingredients. And that’s especially true of this recipe, which takes its inspiration both from the land and sea.

Octopus dishThere is no ingredient list for this recipe per se. It’s “to taste” as they say. If you prefer more octopus, add more octopus to the pot! More green beans? It’s up to you and your taste buds. No matter which proportions you use of potatoes, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and grilled octopus, here’s how Chef Giuseppe preps this dish.

1. Dice the potatoes in diced and then boil them for 7-10 minutes.
2. Boil the green bean for 5-7 minutes.
3. Cut the cherry tomatoes into 4 pieces while the potatoes and beans cool.
4. Then mix the tomatoes with the potatoes and green beads, and then add in oregano, salt, and extra virgin olive oil.
5. Boil the octopus for 35-45 minutes, then cut the tentacles in half.
6. Marinate the octopus with garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and salt, and then grill under they turn golden in color.
7. Serve the octopus on the potatoes, green bean, and cherry tomatoes.

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By Liz Hall

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