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July 8, 2022  |  By Peg Kern
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Pasta alla norma as made on a culinary tour in SicilySicily is one of my favorite destinations. It has everything: seaside and mountains, ancient ruins and awe-inspiring churches, amazing food and wine. And on top of all that it has a certain character to it that is hard to describe as other than its innate “Sicilianism.” It is just as Sicilian as you ever pictured it could be – not like you see in the movies, but with utter authenticity. And you can experience it all on one of our best culinary tours in Sicily!

Often travelers try to see the whole island in one trip – and it’s easy to see the appeal. It’s an island, isn’t it possible to get a taste of all of it in a week-long culinary tour in Sicily? The answer is yes, it’s possible, but we don’t think it’s the most enjoyable way to visit Sicily. There is simply to much to see, do, and taste!

Learn about Siclian red wines.

A cobblestone street in the mountaintop town of Erice, visited on a Sicily cooking vacationThat’s why we’re so excited about our Sicily Best of the West cooking vacation. It includes an insider’s perspective to some of the islands premier sites, cities, and culinary experiences.

Some of the things you’ll experience?

Cultural sites such as Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples and Selinunte, Erice’s medieval castles and ancient ruins, Piazza Armerina’s ancient Roman villa, and Cefalu’s Norman cathedral. This last was built by the Normans in the Twelfth Century. The mosaic depiction of the Christ Pantokrator is largely considered the finest example of Byzantine mosaic work in Italy.

Discover Sicily on a food and wine tour.

The cathedral in Cefalu, Sicily, visited on a culinary tour in SicilyWhat else? How about amazing foodie experiences to help give you the flavor – both literal and figurative – of authentic Sicilian life? From a street food tour in Palermo with your Sicilian guide to your hands-on cooking classes, you’ll enjoy the delicious dishes of this complex land, whose culinary influences include not only Italian but also Greek, Arab, French, and Spanish influences. You’ll also explore the products of the this region in wine tastings, an olive oil tasting, and a visit to a local cheese producer.

Don’t take our word for it. When it comes Sicily, it’s best to discover for yourself how wonderful, flavorful, exotic, and friendly it truly is.

Leave the east of Sicily for your next trip and explore the Best of the West on your next culinary tour in Sicily!

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Sicily's Valley of the Temples on a culinary tour of SicilyBy Peg Kern

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