Cooking on Turkey's Aegean Coast

Along the southwestern coastline of Turkey on the Bodrum peninsula, discover Ortakent, which means ‘middle town.’ The translation is an appropriate one here, for it’s a place where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean, where gorgeous coastline meets sleepy hamlets and sun-dappled paths. Soak up the sun in this walker’s paradise, where the small village of Ortakent is full of hand-crafted stone houses that offer breath-taking views of not only the Aegean Sea but also Gokova Bay and the Island of Kos. Just 20 minutes from the city of Bodrum, Ortakent is the perfect place to relax and discover the wonders of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine.

Cooking on Turkey's Aegean Coast Reviews

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Wonderful experience in Turkey, a safe and beautiful destination. Was met at the airport by my attentive hostess and her artist husband and spent a great week learning about and enjoying Turkish food and wine. The area is beautiful, the accommodations comfortable and the hostess, a former restaurant owner, willingly shares her knowledge of the culture and food of the region. She also supports the slow food movement and local organic growers. I will certainly return to the area and encourage everyone to visit Bodrum as well. Easy to get to from London and Munich! I also purchased one of my host's paintings which will remind me of the trip whenever I see it on my wall. Hope, WA