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Jul 20, 2017

A Must See on Any Foodie's Travel Bucket List: Bordeaux

Paris and Provence tend to be the two most-requested destinations when booking a trip to France. But one destination that is increasingly drawing attention is situated in the country's southwest: Bordeaux. Known for its legendary wine and surrounding stunning vineyards...

Jul 17, 2017

Three Reasons to Try Our New Five-Star Retreat in the Veneto

We love the Veneto region and are always surprised that it's not more known among our clients. We understand that Venice is the main attraction. It's Venice! But there are a lot of beautiful and interesting towns in the Veneto (Verona! Treviso! Borghetto!), not to mention...

Jul 10, 2017

Venice: Beauty Is Truth, Truth Beauty

Exit Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia, and, wow! A feeling you will never forget. I’m finally here and it’s magical. Everything from that first moment at the train station to the very last look as you depart for your next destination will stay with you forever. Venice is...

Jul 03, 2017

Recipe for Chulibu'ul (Mayan Succotash)

This ancient Mayan recipe comes to us from Chef Mario and the late Chef David Sterling of Mexican Expedition in the Yucatan. It's a great option for a 4th of July cookout if you want an ...

Jun 30, 2017

Hot Deals to Dream About

We're still getting a lot of last-minute travelers wanting a summer cooking vacation, and if you're thinking fall travel - we have got some great trips for you. Although some destinations are filling up fast, we still have plenty to choose from for a dream vacation and...

Jun 28, 2017

Summer Potluck Recipes from TIK

Summer means potluck season for me. Every week, sometimes more than once a week, we manage to arrange potlucks and they are a ton of fun. You can have them at home or a park, playground, campsite - pretty much any ...

Jun 23, 2017

Portuguese Oil Poached Cod

This was one of my favorite recipes that we prepared in Portugal with Chef Rui, and I've made it several times since my return. A few hints: if you can't find good salt cod (which can be tricky) use fresh cod, but ...

Jun 22, 2017

Why Portugal?

One of our favorite destinations for a cooking vacation? Portugal! It has everything you can ask for: great food, friendly people, wonderful local wines (and I don't just mean Port!), amazing cultural sites, and a beautiful and diverse ...

Jun 13, 2017

Chef Interview with Marco Ortolani

For a short luxury stay in Tuscany, nothing beats the wonders of our Luxury and Gastronomy at L'Andana cooking vacation. The accommodations are a beautiful manor hotel on a large estate, and the classes are at...

Jun 09, 2017

I Love Puglia!

Are you looking for a “trulli amazing” experience in Italy? Look no further! Discover the unspoiled southern region of Puglia known for its whitewashed villages, beautiful Adriatic coastline, charming historic farms surrounded by centuries-old...


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