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Nov 15, 2017

Food for Thought

What is sustainable agriculture? Sustainable agriculture focuses on the techniques used during the production of food, animals, fiber or other plant products to protect the environment, human communities...

Nov 02, 2017

Homemade Ancient Grain Pasta with "Sugo Finto"

We're visiting one again with our favorite new chef, Andrea of our Living the Real Tuscan Dream cooking vacation. Andrea not only shares his recipes - he shares his passion for food and his knowledge as a food historian....

Oct 30, 2017

Interview with Chianti Host Chef Andrea

In our continuing series of chefs' interviews we're talking today with one of our newest chefs, the wonderful Andrea from Chianti. Andrea considers himself a Chianti culinary "host" - he wants to introduce everyone to the wonders of...

Oct 25, 2017

"Lettuce Turnip the Beet" with Some Vegetable Harvesting

From the moment we set foot on Peppe's 45 acre farm we were blown away by its beautiful colors, perfect air, and the breathtaking mountains in the background. It was truly the reality of...

Oct 18, 2017

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

What are you doing this New Year's Eve? And why not spend it in the province of Cádiz, Spain? Our partners for our Insider's Gourmet Tour of Spain are offering an amazing one-time only week December 27-January 2 to ring in the New Year in style...

Oct 11, 2017

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese

We're continuing our walk though the “other” Italy, the hidden villages and pituresque landscapes where your culinary dreams can come true! Last time we talked about the borgo of Bovino, and this time we're traveling down the road for a very special visit...

Oct 02, 2017

Special One-Time Only Departures

Here at The International Kitchen most of our itinerary can happen whenever YOU want to travel. Any week you chose, any itinerary you want (in season) we can usually run the itinerary for you. But we also offer some special weeks that ...

Sep 26, 2017

Travel Tips from TIK

Now that you've booked your wonderful cooking vacation with TIK, it's time to think about the trip itself! What should you pack? How much money should you bring? Will your cell phone work abroad?...

Sep 19, 2017

The Hidden “Borghi” of Puglia - Vol. 1

Welcome to the “other” Italy, where tiny villages known as “Borghi” surrounded by castles, palaces, or walls dating back to the Medieval or Renaissance periods can take your Italian culinary travels to another level. Let me walk you through a series of blogs dedicated to...

Sep 09, 2017

Why Bologna (Not Baloney)

The Emilia Romagna region is the home of a lot of gastronomic wonders: prosciutto, parmigiano, tortellini, Bolognese sauce. And also that delectable treat, mortadella, known to Americans as "Baloney" (Bologna), but ever so much better than what you'll find in an Oscar Mayer package. The center of it all is Bologna...


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