Tuscan Bean Dip

January 30, 2010  |  By The International Kitchen
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Tuscan Bean Dip

Tuscan Bean Dip

Exercising creativity in the kitchen can really help an inspiring chef meet their niche. Changing a recipe isn’t necessarily frowned upon — its actually a great way to discover new flavors and dishes! This is exactly what our very own Richard did after enjoying a lunch in Tuscany. When he arrived home, he made a few alterations to this regional recipe and came up with an office hit! Create this recipe at home — and try making a few adjustments of your own!


* 1 can cannellini beans, drained and rinsed
* 1/2 — 3/4 cup grated Asiago cheese
* 1/3 — 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
* Pinch of salt
* Fresh rosemary


1. Empty cannellini beans into a food processor and pulse until smooth.

2. Slowly add grated Asiago cheese.

3. With machine running, add olive oil until dip has a smooth, spreadable consistency.

4. Taste and add pinch of salt if necessary.

5. Pulse in fresh rosemary to taste.

6. Spoon into serving bowl and top with a full sprig of rosemary.

7. Serve at room temperature with crackers or bread.

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