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November 16, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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Here at The International Kitchen we offer a wide variety of cooking vacations – over 100! – and one-day classes. But did you know we also offer custom culinary tours? In fact, since most of our itineraries can be confirmed for a minimum of 2 people, our tours can often be customized at little or no additional cost.

Culinary travelers in Tuscany Case in point: we just worked out a custom culinary tour for clients inquiring about cooking and hiking tours in Italy, and came up with a 6-night option in Puglia that includes 3 hands-on cooking classes and 2 hikes in addition to all the regular tours, excursions, and services, and the cost was just US$2700 per person!

We can create custom culinary tours featuring multiple destinations as well – such as a program along the Mediterranean Coast starting perhaps in Marseille and ending up on the Amalfi Coast? What could be better than working your way along this most famous sea-board? And even if you are interested in one of our set itineraries (they do rock, after all!) it doesn’t mean we can’t customize some pre- and post-travel for you. Are you participating in a cooking vacation in the heart of Tuscany? Why not end with a couple days in Florence or Venice? We’d be happy to help you make the arrangements.

Enjoying local products in Puglia Keep in mind that we can also make custom culinary tours for groups – and a group for us might be as few as 6 people, as our tours tend to be small to accommodate the hands-on cooking classes. So whether you are interested in visiting Spain, France, Portugal, India, South America, or Africa – to name a few – we’ve got you covered.

This doesn’t mean we can’t accommodate larger groups as well. We have ample experience with custom culinary tours for culinary student groups of up to 25 people, and have done everything from Croatian cruises to custom trips to Southeast Asia.

The first step? Drop us a line or give us a call – we’d love to talk about the options with you!

By Peg Kern

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