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November 19, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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Did you know we now cook in Brittany? At The International Kitchen we’re so pleased to add this amazingly beautiful region to our offerings of cooking vacations. And it is a wonderful cooking vacation in Brittany, with cooking courses in the mornings and evenings, and afternoons free to explore Brittany’s many sites. To introduce you to the region, the cookery tour, and to Chef Poul (Paul), your host and guide, here is the latest in our series of chef interviews!

Chef Poul in Brittany What is your first memory of cooking?
My first memory of cooking is from my Aunt, she was a great farming lady, and she  made everything from scratch and everything was so tasty.

Where or from whom did you learn about cooking?
At 20 I realized I wanted to be a chef. I was lucky to get an apprenticeship in a Relais de Gourmand & Chateau restaurant in Denmark, a very French restaurant; an apprenticeship takes three and a half years before you can call yourself a professional chef. When I finished that I then took the two and a half year apprenticeship course as a waiter at the same place so I qualified in wines and all things “front of house.”

What is your favorite ingredient or food to cook with? Least favorite?
My favourite ingredients are fresh products and here in Brittany in the northwest of France we are very spoiled with tons of seafood only half an hour from my school and lots of fresh vegetables and meats as it is an agricultural area. France is really spoiled with a climate so perfect to grow anything and Brittany is the garden of France!

Oyster My least favourite thing to cook with are bad products and fish which is frozen; that doesn’t mean you can’t freeze fish but always buy it fresh and then freeze it yourself, if you have to.

I know it’s easy for me to say living so close to the sea, it’s more difficult if you live in Kansas to get the variety of fish- but Kansas has great beef, I was an exchange student there back in 1977 and have been back several times since and the steaks are just great.

And I never use canned food.

Cook in Brittany on our wonderful culinary tour with Chef Poul!

By Peg Kern

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