3 Reasons to Go on a Women Only Week Cooking Vacation

November 16, 2020  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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With the in full swing, we’re once again excited to be offering our Women Only Weeks (or WOW weeks as we call them) for the ninth year in a row. Year after year these trips have been some of our most popular ones, and it’s hard not to see why. Travel, food, and friends, both old and new? Yes, please! Here are three of our top reasons why we recommend our WOW weeks for a wonderful getaway.

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Picnic at Living the Real Tuscan Dream cooking vacation in Tuscany1) Meet likeminded female travelers (and make lifelong friends)

There’s no need to wait for a travel partner for many of our Women Only Week trips. These trips also make it easier for women who have never traveled solo before to feel more comfortable in their overseas journey; in fact, hat’s just one reason why founder of The International Kitchen Karen Herbst started these woman-only trips nearly a decade ago.

The other reason? Traveling — and cooking — together in a beautiful destination often brings like-minded people together. In fact, you may just make some new lifelong friends.

Live the Real Tuscan Dream.

2) A wonderful excuse to indulge

While vacationing itself is a wonderful excuse to indulge, it’s even easier with a cooking vacation… after all, there will be food galore, both during the cooking classes and even, on occasion, during excursions to local markets and artisan shops. Even so, Europe is known for its fresh and seasonal cuisine, so there’s healthy options too… and that’ll help you save room for a fabulous dessert.

What Women Want cooking vacation itineraryChances are too that a glass — or bottle — of wine will be enjoyed with your new friends, such as during our WOW week at the famed Antinori wine estate. In fact, many of our WOW weeks include wine tastings and plenty of toasting.

3) The perfect balance of activities: from shopping to pampering

While dining and drinking are big parts of all our Women Only Week trips, they’re only one part of it. All trips are a healthy balance of activities geared toward female travelers, as they often include sightseeing, shopping, and some time for pampering. Our Women Only Week in Cortona, for example, even includes a Girls’ Spa day with massages.

Don’t see your dream vacation listed as a Women Only Week? Gather together six of your friends, and contact us; we can create a custom itinerary for you at many of our locations around the world!

By Liz Hall

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