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Association Memberships

The International Kitchen is proud to be associated with the following professional organizations.

Italian Travel Promotion Council (ITPC)

The Italian Travel Promotion Council is a not for profit organization that was created in conjunction with the Italian Government Tourist Board to promote tourism to Italy. Comprised of eighteen of the top tour operators in the US, the members are dedicated to bringing you the best of their services at the optimum quality and price ratio. You can be assured that booking with one of the members of the ITPC , you are working with a recognized quality professional organization.

Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Tourisme (PACA)

P.A.C.A. was created in 1990 (as PATI) on the initiative of the C.C.I.M.P., other Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Provence and Air France, in order to concentrate in one body the sales efforts of the top tourism professionals in Provence.