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Client Comments about A Chateau Culinary Adventure In The Loire Valley

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The hosts worked very hard to give us the best possible experience. They were very gracious hosts, and filled our days with many stories, great culinary expertise, and wonderful food. We really enjoyed the other people in our class as well. The school is located in the rural part of the Loire Valley, and is very quiet and beautiful. We are looking forward to using our new skills and recipes.
Rosemary and David S.

The chefs were the most amazing hosts!! They really want to inspire people to cook. Once you are there, you feel like part of their family. You leave really excited to cook at home. A fantastic week!
[Regarding The International Kitchen staff:] They were very nice and helpful every time I called for help!
James and Bronwen D., IA

We stayed at a stunning chateau in the Loire Valley a few minutes from the cooking school. Our hosts shared their passion for cooking by teaching us techniques such as putting a soft herb crust on cod, stuffing chicken with mousse, layering crab and tomato into a gazpacho, making breads and souffles, macarons, tuiles, and spinning sugar to decorate desserts. We had wonderful trips to Les Halles food market ,visits to Chenonceaux and Amboise chateaux, St. Maure goat cheese and Vouvray wine tastings. Although packed with cooking and related activities, there was still time to relax and take a walking tour of the town or a spa treatment. The Zulu barbecue with chicken peri peri, lamb sosaties and samosas served with a special recipe for fruit chutney by Sidney’s nanny together stick in our minds. Unexpected additions such as a pre-dinner chocolate/wine pairing and a selection of local cheeses at lunch made the trip quite memorable. After the trip, in our final day in Paris we were inspired to visit the famous E.DeHillerin cookery equipment store to purchase a few specialty items so we can reproduce some of the dishes at home.
Fantastic trip for the more serious home cooking enthusiast.
[Regarding the cooking vacation packet:] Yes, the program packet covered everything. One suggestion to those taking the train is to recommend printing out all pages of the Eurorail ticket since the coach number is often overwritten on the first page but legible on the second page.
[Regarding The International Kitchen staff:] As always, the staff is very courteous and helpful. The only suggestion is to ask the hosts to put a sign on the vehicle, perhaps a cardboard one in the window, indicating it belongs to the cooking school. There was a last minute change in vehicles so we didn’t recognize the van as belonging to the school but we were able to overhear our host talking on his cell phone so we met up after a few minutes.
Mark A. & Valerie L., IL

We thoroughly enjoyed our week. We found both chefs tremendously knowledgeable, excellent and patient instructors, and very personable. The balance of instruction with touring was very good and the meals that we produced (or helped with) – made for some excellent meals! We had a group of 7 with some unusual personality and group dynamics which I felt both chefs managed with patience and skill. They made certain that everyone had an excellent experience. We are looking forward to going back for another class at some point.
[Regarding the cooking vacation packet:] Yes, we felt thoroughly prepared.
[Regarding The International Kitchen staff:] We called several times and our questions were always answered very thoroughly.
David F. and Edward B., FL

While I had expected this to surpass the other cooking holidays I had taken in France, Italy and elsewhere, I was so amazed at the outstanding chef, his staff, their complete care of all of us students. The school was beautifully equipped, and while an extremely professional program of study, I also felt like I was welcomed into their home, their family, and their lives. Can’t say enough good about the entire experience.
[Regarding the cooking vacation packet:] Wonderful!
[Regarding The International Kitchen staff:] Adrian was cheerful, helpful, and understanding.
Susan L., CA

Sidney and Alison are outstanding chefs providing expert instruction; they focus on method and technique to teach skills and encourage exploration in cooking. For our program, they gathered superior ingredients in astonishing quantity which we were urged to use generously- from exotic spices, prime meats and fresh fishes to delicate goat cheese and medalled wines. They guided us in executing the diverse mouth-watering menus to perfection. (And we ate every scrumptious bite!) We were directed to focus on instruction and skill development; they provided precise documentation for reference- and to keep! It was an outstanding environment for cooking, learning, and enjoying the experience — so very personal.
The recipes will be great guidance in our home kitchens. More importantly we were encouraged to visit the market first, for the freshest ingredients, and then to determine menus and cook with our new skills! These chefs have superb knowledge to share encompassing cuisine, culture and history.
Incorporated in this program were fascinating excursions that enhanced our cooking experience. How we loved Tours, Chenonceau, Angles sur Anglin and St. Maures goat cheese farm! Amazingly the itinerary and the cooking syllabus were adapted for our personal interests- it made it so special!
We feel like they are now our special friends. We were delighted to share the week with such lovely company, both chefs and fellow students. Even though we were of diverse ages and backgrounds, we shared the love of food and appreciated this marvelous experience for its amazing quality, value and companionship. How unbelievable to have Alexander and Caroline our hosts at the chateau, our magnificent accommodation, as a part of our group! We felt as if we were part of a wonderful family and community to be included in this wonderful culinary adventure.
Even though my friend felt this program was intense, the other two couples, my daughter, and I all wanted MORE! My only regret was that we did not have enough time to explore La Roche Posay or really bask in the luxury of the chateau; I would have loved to stay a few extra days to take advantage of it!
The chateau: We were not to know that our hearts were about to be lost to Caroline, Alexander, Florence and Arnaud and their magnificent home when we booked our April culinary adventure through The International Kitchen. Our research to find an excellent cooking program gave a brief description of the accommodations – such an understatement! From our sumptuous room, and its fabulous ensuite bathroom, the view was spectacular with trees budding and flowers blooming. Every detail seemed to be designed to make us feel comfortable and appreciated. We enjoyed the carafes of mineral water from La Roche Posay and delicious handmade macaroons in our room, the amazing selection of teas and specialty Trappist beers in the lounge, and the enchanting company of the other guests and family in the beautiful sitting rooms. Poolside cocktails and a scrumptious welcome dinner even included a birthday surprise for me! Arrangements were made for us to visit the spa one afternoon, which would have been very difficult for us to manage on our own. From sun-up to turn-down our every need was anticipated and provided in a very generous and appealing way. How amazing to have the luxury of having Caroline and Alexander as our hosts and as fellow students in the cooking program!
Not only did we share incredible culinary adventures, we became special friends. We delighted in discovering the secrets of the chateau, seeing the results of their hard work and reveling in the dreams for their family and this marvelous place. If only we could have arranged to stay longer to enjoy more of the ‘chateau‘ life! I have tears when I look at our pictures and re-live memories that will always be treasured! Finally, it was the PERFECT trip for my daughter and me! I knew that my friend and I would have a great time, but I wasn’t sure whether my daughter would feel comfortable. She and Sidney developed an incredible bond in sharing their South African adventures. One of her favorite dishes there happened to be the Peri-Peri we learned to cook! She adored Alison and worked hard to make “perfect” macaroons. Caroline and Alexander became instant friends and we delighted in their adorable children. With the other couple (friends of A and C) we were one laughing, happy group! As lovely as my Oasi Olimpia experience was with my sister several years ago, this one was even better! I hope it means I will have an opportunity to ask for a recommendation from you again soon! Thanks so much!
[Regarding the cooking vacation packet:] The packet was very thorough and useful. The tote was great for our market adventures, but the aprons stayed home. Both are lovely but weight becomes a key factor when you are trying to bring home goat cheese, pate, wine…..
[Regarding The International Kitchen staff:] I appreciate the special consideration and attention we received from Karen and Adrian. Not only did you help us find the perfect trip, your guidance with travel arrangements was extremely helpful. PS. We had a lovely stay at the Hotel d’Angleterre in Paris on our way. Highly recommend the Segway tour for those “young at heart”!
Katy C., AL

It was a fabulous trip. I loved how full the days were, with cooking and excursions. The chefs were such great hosts! We’d love to do another trip with them. The only thing we weren’t happy about was setting up something at the spa in town. You have to book that in advance so you really should let people know that ahead of time.
[Regarding the cooking vacation packet:] You probably should say there isn’t much in the way of toiletries at the chateau, just small shampoo, conditioner, and small bar of soap.
Joan, Kristen, Courtney K., NJ

Response from The International Kitchen: We’re glad to hear what a wonderful time you had in the Loire Valley! Thank you too for your feedback; we’ve updated our travel documents and website to more fully reflect that services at the beauty spa should be booked in advance. We hope you travel again with us soon!

If you love cooking, food and wine—all in quite intensive amounts—you will experience very happy days… The proprietors are passionate about about sourcing the very best of local ingredients available in their part of the lovely Loire valley, and using them in delicious and accessible recipes. Throw in accommodations at a charming nearby chateau and several food-oriented field trips and you have a foodie dream week in the French countryside. My only negative comment was that the cooking was a little too intense; we had absolutely no free time. It was exhausting…
It was an outstanding experience and the chefs are the best (and if I was tired I don’t know how they aren’t in a coma at the end of each week)! I did play hooky and sit by the pool one afternoon. 
I would recommend this trip to anyone.
Kathleen V., NJ

[Response from The International Kitchen:] Thank you for your feedback, Kathleen! We hope guests will be honest with their hosts while abroad and let them know if something is too tiring. And you’re allowed to play hooky at any time during the trip and enjoy some time of relaxation as you did!

We liked that we really learned much more than other cooking classes we took. We were very pleased with their coaching and friendship … We would definitely refer others.
[Regarding The International Kitchen staff:] Your staff was very responsive, courteous and helpful. Thank you.
David E., NC

We really enjoyed our cooking experience in France. The chefs were exceptional teachers and exceptional guides to the area. The facilities we stayed in, the cooking school where the classes took place and the overall environment in which we experienced this adventure was far more than we could have hoped for. We really did have some wonderful excursions to the Vouvray wine country, to the Chenonceau Chateau with lunch, and we also were able to go and visit some other towns and markets in the area courtesy of our superb guide. We also very much enjoyed the personal experience that we had at the goat farm learning how they make goat cheese. The cooking school itself was very good. We had many hands on opportunities to learn and the demonstrations were very good and detailed. The chefs really emphasized the need to have good quality ingredients and freshness when cooking. The level of care and handling of foods and attention to every detail including serving food indicated these chefs ran a world class school. The personalization to the attendees and accommodating varying tastes and desires was appreciated by all of us. The guided tours provided so many interesting facts about history of the area was very helpful. While stern at times with during the lessons they sincerely wanted us to watch and understand their technique. They also emphasized creativity and encouraged us to be brave and try varying flavors and spices in our own cooking when we returned home. The accommodations at the chateau were very nice. Noel and Laurance were such wonderful caretakers. The grounds were beautiful and we felt very much at home in this space. I only wish we had a little more free time to explore the area by bicycle. This was our first experience and it was the culinary adventure of a lifetime!
Sheila M.

This trip provided me with not only expanding on my culinary knowledge but also getting a rounded “flavor” for the Loire Valley and what it has to offer. The chefs were excellent teachers/hosts. They shared their kitchen knowledge along with encouraging us to take their information and expand on it with our own creativity. I can hardly wait for their cookbook, due out soon. There passion for cooking and the Loire Valley was quite evident and they were more than happy to share with our group that passion.
Lisa W.

My favorite aspect was the personal touch [the chefs] (and occasionally their kids) gave to the experience. It felt like less of a “class” and more of a family get-together. Their anecdotes about experiences in their careers and their lives were very interesting, and their very lovely affection for each other was very touching! In terms of what we cooked, I appreciated how versatile all the recipes were that we made. Things like soufflé, macarons, breaking down a guinea fowl, risotto… all things we learned how to execute properly that we can then extrapolate from in our own cooking. The alternation of demonstration and lesson was also a good idea – they read the group very well and knew exactly when people were too tired to continue with lessons. The Valcreuse chateau was lovely, in particular Noel and Laurence. Always there to say a bright good morning, help with anything we needed like laundry or bikes… Wonderful experience in total.
[Regarding the cooking vacation packet:] Very useful! Perhaps just a “zoomed in” map of the neighborhood, not just the Google Maps one. Something that had grocery shopping, pharmacy, etc. locations on it.
[Regarding The International Kitchen staff]: I was more than happy! One of the gentlemen (I believe it was Adrian) noticed my travel arrangements didn’t exactly match up with the check out date and so he gave me all the options for how I could stay in Tours for an extra night, or change my trip, what the shuttle would cost in all scenarios. Very professional AND friendly AND efficient. Couldn’t speak more highly of the team.
Melanie M., Canada

The cooking experience was unbelievable! I learned so much I will use going forward. I thought I was a reasonably good cook, but it feel that after 6 days… I can take my cooking to a different level. Everything was delicious and they made the entire week fly by.
Carol G., CA

The trip was amazing! I was doing it as a surprise for my mom, and I was exceedingly happy with the staff at The International Kitchen. I called frequently with questions and requests in planning, and everyone helped give me quick and easy answers. They were patient (I called frequently with all kinds of questions, even some of which were clearly answered in my packet), professional, and enthusiastic. They were organized and always had my information at hand. It was so nice to be able to call and ask my questions and not have to repeat my information every time I called. All in all The International Kitchen and its people were instrumental in executing the perfect trip!
Brian S., IL

This was our 4th culinary vacation, and the second one with International Kitchen. [This one] exceeds all our prior experiences. The chefs are exceptional people. Yes they are excellent chefs, extremely well credentialed, with a unique world perspective, their stories tug at your heart. They are two beautiful people, a great team together, savory and sweet. Even more outstanding than their talent, is their warmth and genuine welcome into their home. The Chateau accommodation is the most serene country setting, we only wish we could have had more time to walk along the river. The days were packed with cooking lessons, helpful techniques, and oh, so many recipes. The point of interest tours were great. We ate more than we could have ever imagined, and we laughed a lot mostly at ourselves. We will never forget this incredible experience.
The program packet was complete and with accurate directions. Although we have traveled Europe, for a first time visitor it was very inclusive of the essential facts.
We spoke with Karen several times before departing and her familiarity with the property and how to pick the correct train was most helpful. She encouraged our questions and graciously accepted each of our calls.
David A., KS

We had the best time and it was an unforgettable experience. The chefs were as friendly and wonderful as anyone could be which made the cooking experience even better. We were invited into their home for a week of excellent teaching of cooking skills and demonstration of genuine hospitality. They made cooking enjoyable and not so overwhelming to try more difficult recipes. The Chateau was amazing and the grounds were lovely. We couldn’t have asked for a better and memorable experience.
Allison & Doug V., WA

My daughter and I loved our trip to the Loire Valley France. Fun, gracious hosts, informative, and fabulous cooks. We made new friends in the class and will certainly return another time. Most enjoyable trip!
Cynthia B., FL

We wanted to email you directly to tell you how much we enjoyed our week [in the Loire Valley]. The chefs are extraordinary people who seemed tireless during our days with them. Their enthusiasm and knowledge was extraordinary. We are a couple who love to cook and have attended many cooking classes in various locations. I can say without reservation that we learned more from this class than from any other. We took our 15 year old granddaughter and they made her feel so welcome and included. It was an exceptional experience and these are exceptional people.
Many thanks for this experience. [The chefs] spoke very highly of your organization. Thanks for making this possible.
Lynn and Nick C.

We truly enjoyed the cooking vacation. My husband and I took our 15 year old granddaughter and the 3 of us had a fantastic time. They were the ultimate gracious hosts and teachers, they never seemed to tire of our questions. We learned so much in their beautiful home/school. They took us to wineries, castles and markets and all the while were patiently teaching us.
Lynn C., CA

Both chefs were wonderful. Highly talented, easy to communicate with,and highly proficient. They were able to easily communicate their technique and recipes to the class, and made cooking fun. The best part of the cooking experience, was the ease in which their teaching became transferrable to the class. Highlights were the presentation and best of all the wonderful tastes we learned how to cook and serve. Not only was I totally satisfied with the week I spent, but I would recommend their school to both amateurs and the heavily experienced. Richard (at The International Kitchen) was particularly helpful.
Irv S., IL

This is a unique and special experience. [The chefs] are gifted, gracious and personable. The amount of time with actual hands on experience exceeded my expectations. Recipes are detailed. The teaching kitchen with the numerous prep stations allowed for participation of all. [French Chateau Adventure]
Mary Kay G., MD

Loved both chefs. They could not do enough to satisfy us and were totally delightful. The best part was the food. Smoked salmon, duck confit with fois gras, etc, etc, etc. They even had a great dog. If we go back, we will stay in the town. The chateau was nice but very remote and we like to walk. [French Chateau Adventure]
Bonnie P., MD

What an incredible cultural and culinary experience: the hosts were great: fun and friendly, accommodating, and customized the itinerary based on the group. Food was amazing, classes were engaging and informative. The location was good to unwind and disconnect being immersed in fun, food, and french cuisine. It was nice to take a day off from cooking and go to the loire valley to explore the castles way beyond expectation, I recommend this experience to anyone. [French Chateau Adventure]
Neil V., FL

I really enjoyed the time I spent [in the Loire Valley]. The days were long and packed with information and hands-on cooking experience. The chefs were great instructors, good raconteurs, and patient with my mistakes. Although I only learned this with hindsight, I particularly appreciated that there was a “curriculum” and that things I cooked on day one flowed into recipes on day four. I have certainly been inspired to go out and invest in new kitchen equipment to take advantage of some of the new skills I’ve learned. I was completely satisfied with the experience and would welcome doing something similar again.
John K., DC

We had a wonderful time, they are wonderful hosts and chefs and they really did spoil us!  Has anyone ever eaten better?  I think not!  We both learned alot, and I have already mentioned the experience to a couple of people who are possibly interested in attending (I sent each a recipe to entice them!) I also liked being able to see the area…
Norma P., CA

I just loved the whole cooking class. There is nothing that I can say I did not like. I was concerned about whether it would be as good as my previous The International Kitchen cooking vacation, but I need not have worried. It was an absolutely incredible week that I will remember forever. I have learned so much and have already started to put things into practice, even ordering some new equipment online while I was away so that it would be ready for me to use when I got home. I cannot praise the chefs highly enough for their effort, friendliness and obvious desire to make sure that we enjoyed every moment of the week. Their skill and experience in cooking is incredible, they have so much knowledge and are both so happy to share what they know. Their cooking skills are proven in the food that they prepared us which I will always remember and most likely will never be able to match in any restaurant anywhere. Overall I had an absolutely wonderful time, I learned so much and would like to thank The International Kitchen and especially the chefs for such a fantastic experience. I just loved it.
The booking went very smoothly. I did request a room with a high ceiling (some of them sloped quite a bit which is not good when you are 6 foot tall) and the room that I was given was perfect. Thank you so much.
Susan S., Australia

We were a party of eight friends and daughters who were fortunate enough to spend a week [in the Loire Valley]! We had so much fun and learnt a lot along the way. I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced such attention to detail either at the cooking school or at our delightful accommodation. The chefs and their delightful family went beyond the call of duty to make our holiday one to remember. Picture eight women chatting and laughing as we make the most scrumptious food, then devouring the fruits of our labor in the tranquil garden … accompanied by delicious local wines. It doesn’t get much better than that!
Brenda P., Australia

The week … was absolutely amazing. They were wonderful hosts and the hotel at Yzeures sur Creuse was just gorgeous. Our every need was catered for, the excursions were excellent and the cooking school was fabulous. As a group of 8 who booked the whole thing it was such fun and i can highly recommend a week here for even the most inexperienced cook!
Judy M., Australia

As we enjoyed our week with Claudio in Italy last year, I felt we could rely on The International Kitchen to recommend our cooking week in France for this year. I originally found The International Kitchen online looking for cooking courses in Italy and sent it to my friend who was going with me. We then talked others girls to come too and had a ball. Alison and her husband were so friendly and so professional. We had a wonderful week and cooked to a fairly high standard. Their kitchen is so clean and organized which was a pleasure. The hotel was also clean and well appointed although loud on the main road with trucks. The extra tours and activities are what make the weeks cooking so thank you again to The International Kitchen for making our week so enjoyable. Best wishes. We look forward to next year somewhere….
Caroline C., Sydney

Having had a good prior experience with an Italian cooking holiday arranged through The International Kitchen, we selected one in the Loire of France to experience a different area and cuisine. Reviews convinced us that this was a great choice, and our week there exceeded our expectations in every way!!! We both learned so much about different techniques, from preparing proteins for cooking to making the most stunning decorations for elegant desserts. Everything was hands on and included preparations for all menu courses and as well as various cuisines. Cooking time was packed with great learnings and recipes. Also, the outings we had were diverse and well chosen to add a great dimension to our classes. We can not say enough about [the] excellent chefs, teachers, and hosts for our experience. They clearly love what they do and are consummate professionals in conducting a world class cooking experience. We would highly recommend it to anyone!
Carolyn F., TX

It’s all about the passion … Not just for the cooking, but also for the teaching, for the people of the region, for the history that surrounds them. It was a nice combination of observation and hands-on instruction, and range of history and food experiences. The week was packed with activities to supplement our time in the kitchen, including the lovely Chateau Chenonceau, a goat farm that produces Sainte Maure cheese, the market at Loches and the cathedral at Tours. Most picturesque moment — a picnic dinner at dusk on the river Creuse below a castle ruin. Magnifique!
Mary Dale W., IL

The hosts were accommodating, knowledgeable, prepared, fun… I can’t say enough! They had a program to provide great training as well as other adventures in France, wine tasting… I would recommend it to anyone – 5 Stars!!!!
Mark F.

[The trip] was absolutely wonderful! ... Everyone melded well and had so much fun! Everything was very well planned and executed seamlessly. It was a wonderful vacation for my mom and I to reconnect after an extended period away from one another where everything was taken care of for us, and we could just relax! It was fantastic!
Amanda C., UAE

My week … was a dream come true. [The chefs] are excellent teachers and hosts. I especially enjoyed all the hands-on experiences and their gentle coaching throughout the learning process. The food we cooked was amazing and the techniques I learned has taken my cooking to a new level. The one-on-one contact with two professional chefs is invaluable because you find yourself learning to think like a chef and getting away from recipe dependency. Together, they have the gift of inspiring, motivating, and instilling confidence — all the while making it fun. Their school gives a very well-rounded cooking experience including a beautiful dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, visits to a winery and a truffle farm, enjoyable conversations and meals of the foods we prepared in class. The accommodations at Le Relais de Mothe were excellent. The personal attention and many acts of kindness from Isabelle made my stay a memorable one. As a solo traveler, I felt that everyone was focused on “taking care of me”. The setting for the cookery school in the Loire Valley couldn’t be more perfect. I look forward to my next trip there to further explore the area.
I really appreciated the quick responses and personal attention that Karen gave me when I was trying to decide which cooking class to take. The pre and post planning along with arranging my transportation from the train station was very helpful.
Janet G., QC

We started the cooking class as students, quickly became friends and left feeling like family. The chefs are wonderful teachers; their stories from all over the world make every recipe unforgettable. We had fun! This trip was a dream come true, it was perfectly organized, step by step. The meals were created in a clean contemporary kitchen. I am a stay at home mom, and took the class because of boredom with my usual recipes. I never felt intimidated, even though both are very accomplished as chefs. I always felt like I was in the midst of friends who were sharing their most interesting recipes, recipes that they were excited about. I also loved the ‘Quotes Board’ that was updated daily with inspiring quotes regarding our class.
The staff at The International Kitchen was amazing, they were able to answer all of my questions and those of my husband’s. I was traveling from NY to France, so we had many concerns but Karen and Richard helped us every step of the way while planning the trip.
Sharon T., NY

We very much liked [the chefs]; their abilities, friendliness, and sense of humor. The location was wonderful, and we would love to return to the Loire Valley and explore it more. Both the demonstrations and “hands on” classes were very helpful. They showed us how to take a basic recipe, then adapt it to our tastes and what is available in the markets. Both chefs were attentive to our needs, especially when it came to diet issues. My husband has to be very careful with the amount of salt in his diet, so a couple of times his meal was cooked separately with no salt in it. Also, the dinner on the last night was changed, because the original restaurant would not cook anything without salt. We loved our week and would take another class from them in the future!
John M.

[A]n amazing value for the price, actually felt bad that they did so much for us for such a small price!  They kept us busy from morning till late night… lessons, markets, village and history, fabulous restaurants. They paid for everything and included non-stop great wines with all meals. They definitely did not skimp on anything — time or money — to ensure their guests had the best possible time, a wonderful couple. The cooking lessons were varied and always interesting/fascinating. I would and will go back again, soon.
I highly, highly recommend this one. The little hotel was also very nice. Isabelle that owns and runs it is tireless and does an amazing job in a beautiful little hotel and in a picturesque village. The countryside in this area is stunning and worth the trip alone. Isabelle also supplied me with a bike to see the area and her dog for walks in the mornings through the country side! wonderful.
From my daughters and myself, thanks for all the work you did putting this wonderful holiday together!
Rick D., BC

I had the most fabulous week! [The chefs] are exceptionally wonderful people and made me feel really welcome in this picture perfect corner of France. I can’t say enough about how well they organized the week – the cooking, the sightseeing, taking into account my likes (goat cheese and Vouvray!) I learned an incredible amount from these highly accomplished chefs who know how to bring it down to the level of a home cook like myself. Additionally, the Relais was charming and the village of Yzeures-Sur-Creuse divine! In short, a fantastic experience. Special moments were….sharing stories and laughs, the dinners, the trip to the chateau and wine tasting in Vouvray. The most special was having dinner with the whole family in the garden. Highly satisfied!
I recommend adding more details on the techniques and tips for increasing the success of the dishes. I made a lot of notes and also took photos during the course of the lesson. I suppose this is normal for any class but it would be good to have some of these details in the recipes. There is a lot to take in and the chance of remembering all these tips gets harder!
The reason I even went [to A Chateau Culinary Adventure in the Loire Valley] was due to the prompt and helpful responses from Karen. This was a very last minute trip for me and she and her staff made it really easy for me to do this trip.
Suchi F., MA

We had the best time on our cooking trip! They are fabulously wonderful people. Made cooking easy and fun! Learned so much! Loved our day at the Chateau and picnic and wine tasting. Loved the Manor House and the owner Isabelle! Thank you!
Jan M.

I want to thank Karen for recommending [A Chateau Culinary Adventure in the Loire Valley] for my cooking vacation. Both chefs were the nicest people I have met in a very long time. Kind, generous, and unbelievably thoughtful, [with] such a passion for the profession. His LOVE for food is contagious. Both chefs run an amazing program. They take care of all the details and made traveling alone effortless.
I also enjoyed my stay at the Chateau Valcreuse. Caroline and Alexander (and their lovely daughter Florence) have a wonderful bed & breakfast. Peaceful, charming, elegantly decorated and were lovely hosts.
Teresa S., ON

This experience was a most memorable, enjoyable and inspirational trip. The chefs, both delightful teachers, made our lessons exciting and adventuresome. Learning was made fun with encouragement to be courageous and creative. The accommodations at the chateau were exquisite, not only beautiful on the river, but our hosts and the food were exceptional. I continue to recommend Loire Cooking School to all my friends and look forward to my own return, as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and stay. [Our hosts] were the most delightful couple. They were wonderful teachers and hosts. They are still pulling their programming together so we had made a few suggestions as it was tough for me to keep up (I am a novice) so it was a bit of a whirlwind. I would highly recommend to any of my friends to go.
Michelle B., IL