Venice – Lesson with Chef Patrizia

After many years working as a private caterer, Patrizia decided to offer cooking classes in her lovely apartment, with a view of the bell tower of St. Mark’s.  The day begins with a visit at 10:15 a.m. to the colorful Rialto market, then on to Patrizia’s apartment. Part of the simple but genuine Venetian meal will be made in advance, but you will also help finish preparing some dishes, and then enjoy them with good local wine, water and coffee. And, of course, no meal in Venice is complete without a grappa to top it off!

Patrizia also offers an evening cooking class which begins at 6:00 p.m. Dinner will follow based on your efforts on her terrace where you can enjoy the spectacular view! Evening classes are only available during the summer months and a market visit is not included.

Note:  Patrizia speaks limited English and there is a translator for this class. This class is not suited for those looking for advanced cooking or techniques but is a wonderful experience with delightful local people in a real Venetian home.

  • Morning class: 10:15AM-3:00PM

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Pricing & Dates

Class Pricing

Price per person US$185

Class Dates

Available Tuesday-Saturday for a minimum of 2 people.

  • Morning class: 10:15AM-3:00PM

Evening classes available only during summer months and do not include a market visit.


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We really enoyed the class. Patrizia was a wonderful hostess, and with the help of Silvia, our translator, we were able to understand everything. We enjoyed preparing the gnocchi and the chicken, and had a wonderful meal on the beautiful rooftop deck. Our day was very memorable; not only did we learn how to make the gnocchi, but we really had a day of "Italian immersion." Thank you. Maura & Madeleine, NJ
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Out of all the places we visited, I must say our cooking class was one of the most memorable experiences. Rather than just visiting tourist areas, which we also did, it was nice to be able to meet people from the area and learn about their way of life. We were met by Valerie who also was our translator. She gave us a tour of the local market and then lead us to Chef Patrizia's home. She was "extremely" helpful and patient especially when she went to meet my husband later (who was lost) so he could join us for lunch. Chef Patrizia is a "kick in the pants" and her husband, who only stayed for a few minutes, was very friendly. They gave us a tour of their home, which was quite a surprise thinking it would be much smaller. Chef Patrizia had my daughter and her friend laughing the entire visit. The cooking class itself was a great experience, especially to see my daughter (who DOES NOT cook) roll up her sleeves and cook. Both Chef Patrizia and Valerie shared many stories with us while we ate on the roof-top terrace that had a beautiful view with a welcoming breeze. If you want to have a different experience from the usually tourist areas and a GREAT time, I would highly recommend Chef Patrizia. Deborah L., WA
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It was fabulous. Chef Patrizia is a doll and we had a wonderful time with her, even though her English is very limited. Her assistant/translator did a great job and it was nver a problem. Larry, MN
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We met the interpreter at the Venice fish market and we loved the tour of the markets. It was a great experience to cook in the Chef's home, I always get a better feel of a place when I see how the natives live. Patrizia and her husband have a lovely home and were generous and welcoming. The presentation, explanations, and menu were superb. The fish we cooked was very fresh, the meal was delicious and we were treated to lemoncello and grappa. The chef and interpreter were friendly and personable, they made us feel welcome and comfortable. I would definitely take another class should the opportunity arise and recommend your classes to friends who travel. Thank you for your wonderful service! It was a highlight of our trip to Italy to be able to interact with locals, in their home, like visiting family. The meal we cooked ourselves was as good as any we had in restaurants and it was much more fun learning about the culture of the food as we cooked and ate it than just picking items off a menu. The cooking class was a great way to partake in the life of Italy than just touring around looking at the pretty sights of Italy. Stacey H., NJ
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Loved everything about it. The market experience was great. Sylvia was a great interpreter. Patricia has a lovely home which she shared for her cooking lesson. The instruction was in detail, traditional. The food was yummy! Christopher H., MI
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Our class included a tour of the Rialto market, a walk across town to Patrizia's home and practical instructions on the preparation of ancient Venitian fish, pasta and antipasti dishes. We learned how to select, clean and cook a fish; how to make a pasta sauce, as well as other details of Italian life. Patrizia was an enthusiastic and humorous chef, well trained and committed to the arts of cooking. Her translator and assistant, Annalisa, was also very helpful. We enjoyed a very complete experience of how a Venetian would shop, eat and live. We especially enjoyed her rooftop home with a view. The menu was not what we usually think of as Italian food as the emphasis was on historically accurate food preparation from the earier times, before the tomato was discovered. The cooking methods would be easily applicable to our kitchen. Mary P., CA
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It was a little difficult finding our meeting spot without a mobile phone, but we did end up there with the help of the friendly Venetians. The tour of the market was incredible. As soon as we entered the door, Patrizia's, "Ciao!" warmed our hearts. We adore her! So full of energy and laughter. The house is airy and decorated nicely. Patrizia's husband was also helpful in pouring the wine and finding music for my girlfriend to dance ballet to. We enjoyed the pace of the cooking lesson, and eating the traditional Venetian meal of baked fish in potato. We even learned how to eat it correctly (as in a fine dining establishment of Italy). Three days in Venice were not enough, this is our only regret. We will be back! Robert C., FL
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We liked the detailed explanation and history of different dishes, and the in-home experience. For a one-day class, it was very fun. It would be even better if we were able to have previous knowledge of what we would be preparing. Chef Patrizia was hilarious, calling herself "mother" when she made sure our hands were clean after preparing fish, and especially when she made sure we ate more. Jennifer K.
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Sylvia met us at the market at the time designated. She was great and much fun, we bought some of our cooking supplies and then went to the home of Chef Patrizia. We had the greatest afternoon, cooking and drinking spritzers and just enjoying the one on one with such wonderful Italian people. The pear risotto we made was just fantastic and our bruschetta was the best we had in all of Italy. It was so much fun, two ladies are a complete joy. My 18 granddaughter attended to and she just had the greatest time. It was well worth the money, was a highlight of our trip and many thanks to Sylvia and Patrizia. Kathleen M., AZ
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Patrizia was delightful as well as was Claudia, her translator. Also, Patrizia's husband went out of his way to meet my significant other to bring him back to the house for lunch. Her husband was very helpful when Claudia needed to leave. My daughter and I had a nice experience in Patrizia's home. Cooking was fun, and I especially enjoyed the demo as to how to properly bone a whole fish which we had just cooked. Was a pleasant experience. Sara O., CA
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The cooking class with Patrizia was our splurge in Venice. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience although we considered it more of a home visit rather than a cooking school experience. Patrizia was very welcoming, and the meal we cooked was delicious. Her sense of humor was delightful; sea bass was the main entree, and each fish was named after us. We ate on her roof terrace;she even had a ceramic name card at each of our place settings. Laura and Simone were the two interpreters that helped with the class. They were young, and everyone involved including Patrizia's husband seemed to earnestly want us to have a delightful, meaningful experience. We really enjoyed Laura's tour of the fish market as well as the walk to Patrizia's apartment. Simone was helpful in getting us back to the Rialto Bridge area after class. Both women were able to translate and managed to keep the conversation going. It would have been more of a cooking school experience if we had copies of the recipes in English for the food we helped prepare, so we could duplicate them at home. I tried to take notes when cooking, but they weren't complete. Marilyn M., NE
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Our class was just one evening in Venice at the home of Chef Patrizia. What we enjoyed the most was the experience of being welcomed into their home almost as friends as opposed to clients. It was so interesting to see how genuine Venetians lived and cooked a meal. They were both warm, welcoming and certainly entertaining. The young woman translating was delightful and did a fantastic job. We would highly recommend this experience. The Chicago staff was responsive and helpful. No complaints with their service. Kathryn B., Canada
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Meeting Patrizia at her home, and she had a wonderful interpreter named Tanya that was so helpful! And sweet. Didn't like that our directions were not more elementary (not knowing Venice at all). After printing them from the computer we had a FEW pages, and maps. Meeting which location first seemed to get turned around for us. Getting help from our hotel, didn't help. But we ended up at her home, and she was delightful and made us feel right at home! We did enjoy our time with Patrizia, and this was a high point of our trip! Lauren and Rebecca S., CA

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