Taste of Seville

Nestled in the Andalusia region of Spain, Seville will surely enchant you with its whitewashed alleyways, patios of orange trees, and hidden plazas. Seville is a city deeply marked by its historical roots. The long Moorish occupation of the Iberian Peninsula left indelible traces in this part of Spain. La Giralda is probably the most famous structure in the city. Once the tower of an important mosque, it is now part of a huge Gothic cathedral, and is the most well known of the remaining Islamic monuments. This culturally rich city is also famous for its tapas and Flamenco dancing. Seville is credited with the invention of the tapa—bite size samplings of a variety of typical Spanish foods, ranging from seafood to ham, and from vegetables to a myriad of cheeses. The city has more than a thousand tapas bars, so Sevillians make a meal of them by moving from bar to bar and trying one dish at a time. Another trademark of this region is the art of Flamenco dancing, which is said to be an artistic expression of the sorrows and joys of life, often accompanied by the song of a Spanish guitar.

Today more and more people are learning that Spain is a top culinary destination —not just the home of the famous paella, Spanish omelette, and gazpacho, it now boasts some of the world’s best and most renowned chefs and restaurants, along with a greatly variety of styles. During your amazing cooking vacation, you can explore anything from great stews and meat dishes to seafood recipes, vegetable dishes, salads, desserts with a Moorish influence and so on.

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