Cadenet – Lesson with Chef Reine Sammut

In the lovely Vaucluse area of Provence, you will find the charming Auberge la Fenière, the hotel and cooking school of the famed Chef Reine Sammut. For more than 30 years, Chef Reine has immortalized traditional Mediterranean cooking with respect for the local products. If you are dreaming of a good ratatouille on the terrace, a hearty pistou soup, cod with spinach, or a real bouillabaise in the sunshine, this is Provencal cuisine!

Chef Reine offers classes on a theme every Thursday morning where you can join in the cooking in the informal bistro restaurant. The cooking class is followed by lunch with wine.

If you are looking for a more intense class, you can book for any day but Thursday in the gourmet restaurant with Chef Reine and her team. This is a private class for two (2) to maximum four (4) people.

  • Thursday class: 9:15AM – 12:00PM
  • Private class (Any day of the week except Thursday): 9:30AM – 12:00PM

There is also the option to rent rooms at Auberge la Fenière; please inquire for rates.

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Pricing & Dates

Class Pricing

Thursday class price per person US$220
Private class price per person (Wednesday through Monday) US$260

Class Dates

Public class available every Thursday (excluding holidays) for a minimum of 2 people. Private class available every other day for a minimum of 2 people.

  • Thursday class: 9:15AM – 12:00PM
  • Private class (Any day of the week except Thursday): 9:30AM – 12:00PM


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Reine Sammut was unavailable, but we were very pleased with Stephan, who stepped in for her. It was a hoot to be in a professional kitchen, all the staff were engaging and pleasant, and we loved the hands-on experience. The instruction was patient and thorough, and we are going to try to recreate everything at home. And the best part was eating our delicious meal, accompanied by a wonderful bottle of wine. Sara and Mark B., VA
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Difficult to explain, but she just managed to make the whole experience so enjoyable and instructive. It never felt as if we were being instructed, taught or directed. We actually cooked together just like a family should do more often. No pressure. Relaxed, welcoming and easy atmosphere. This lady loves and enjoys cooking and she shared that with us. We felt privileged to be in that company. For this I will go back. No hesitation. The feedback and response times [from The International Kitchen] were spot in for us. I find Richard and Karen more than helpful and am more than happy to deal with them in future. Helped a lot while the trip was in progress and we needed to sort some stuff. Braam and Babette B., South Africa
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The cooking class with Chef Reine Sammut needs to have more details. The class is 2.5 hours in length, followed by a lunch of what has been prepared by the students. The chef and her staff do part of the preparation, due to the time limitations and the chef's estimation of the students' abilities. Also, she is simultaneously preparing items for her restaurant's lunch service. The preparation techniques we learned were ones mostly well known to me already. What was new were the recipes and the fluidity of preparing a dish to be served. Seeing how a restaurant kitchen operates is actually a plus. Chef Riene is respectful and appreciative of her staff and is consummately organized in keeping the kitchen working smoothly. The chef showed us the importance of preparation in the ultimate presentation of dishes. The two dishes we prepared, both vegetarian, were delicious when served. The chef's husband brought us gluten-free profiteroles. The profiterole was exceptionally good; I could never have guessed that it was made with rice flour and almond milk (instead of dairy). [Regarding the cooking class voucher:] None of my information about the class listed the length of the class. Neither did it say what we would be doing. That needs to be fixed. Also, the instructions to the hotel and restaurant stop too soon. One must go quite a way down the final road to find the location. It is not at the intersection given on the directions. [Regarding The International Kitchen staff:] When there was a confusion about what was included in the class (a confusion that the chef had as well), the Chicago staff handled it immediately and got me the answers I needed. Patricia C., CA
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We had a wonderful time and learnt about Provencal flavors, vegetable preparation and serving. It was a pleasure to be part of a team in a one star restaurant and we got on well with all the staff and other chefs. Reine is a charming hostess and chef and she is well respected by her staff. We got to meet the gardener, who is also a cheese maker and we spent an afternoon with their pastry chef who taught is a lot about gluten free pastry. Our accommodation was wonderful in a two bedroom suite with a 25m lap-pool at our door which was most welcome in the 90 deg.F heat. It was hard to leave as, in four short days, we felt that we had become close friends with all the folk we had met and worked with. It was a charming experience. We really loved it! [Regarding The International Kitchen staff:] We had a good experience with all whom we dealt with. John R., and Margaret T., Australia

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