The International Kitchen Recipe for Ricotta, Lentils and Truffle Cream
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Sheep's Milk Ricotta with Norcia Black Truffle Sauce and Lentil Cream

March 2011

March’s recipe of the month comes to us from Vespasia Restaurant in Norcia, Umbria. The restaurant’s chef gives classic Umbrian recipes a modern and delicious touch. For more about our Norcia cooking vacation, check out our new program A Food Lover’s Paradise in Norcia.


200 gr ricotta cheese
50 gr flour
80 gr fresh black truffle
40 gr extra virgin olive oil
60 gr Lentils
30 gr celery and onion
1 liter chicken stock


1) Soak the lentils for ten hours, drain and simmer for 10 minutes in water without salt.
2) Dice celery and onion, and roast with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil.
3) Add blanched lentils, cover with stock, roasting for 30 more minutes.
4) Mix and sieve until the mixture develops a smooth, creamy texture, keep warm. Set aside.
5) Strain the ricotta and mix with flour. Grate the truffle. Stir over low heat, adding the extra virgin olive oil and salt. The add a spoonful of warm water and mix until it has the consistency of a soft cream.
6) Add grated truffle and serve over the lentil soup. Finish with slices of black truffle.