International Cooking School Vacations: Artichokes & Fresh Ricotta "Cake"
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Artichokes & Fresh Ricotta "Cake"

Clean 12 artichokes, stew 8 of them for 10 minutes in a casserole with garlic, olive oil, a glass of white wine, salt, pepper.
Cut in slices the remaining 4 artichokes, cook them for 3/4 minutes in a pan with 2 sliced onions, a little oil, a slice of butter, salt and a thick slice of salami cut in little cubes.
Mix in a bowl 4 eggs with 200 gr. (7 oz.) of fresh cream, 2 tablespoons of grated parmigiano, salt and pepper until you have a thick cream.
Butter a ring-mould, cover its bottom with some buttered oven paper and place in it 18 disks (3 cm./1.2 in.) made with slices of bread previously plunged into the cream you prepared. Cover the external side of the mould with the stuffed artichokes.
Fill the mould with 175 gr. (6 oz.) of ricotta (cottage cheese made of skim milk), half of the sliced and cooked artichokes and another layer of bread dipped into the cream.
Cover with other 175 gr. (6 oz.) of ricotta, the remaining sliced artichokes and a final layer of bread dipped into the cream.
Cover the mould with a sheet of aluminium and cook for 50 minutes in the oven (170° Celsius, 338°F).
The result! In the middle as a garnishing: some sliced and oil fried artichokes.