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Newsletter September 2015

Dear friends,

Welcome to September! Not only is September a popular month for travel, it's also the start of the Fall harvest, a beautiful time of year in so many parts of the world. In many Italy regions, for one, the wine harvest is in full swing, especially since the country had such a hot Summer. The grapes are being harvested -- in some places, by hand!

Lazio wine harvestTaking part in a harvest can be a real treat, and that's why we're so excited about the wine harvest at our La Cucina Romana cooking vacation. This trip is coming up soon, September 20-26, 2015, and to celebrate the week, we're offering the trip at 20% off per person! Learn more about this cooking vacation on our website, and then start packing!

Down on the Amalfi Coast too, they're gearing up for their wine harvest, and a wonderful Italian family is welcoming people onto their property to help in the harvest, complete with a hands-on cooking class featuring a 'harvest' meal. This special event takes place only on Sunday, September 20.

As this newsletter is all about September, there's a chance you may be reading it after September 20. If that's the case, keep this time of year in mind when planning your 2016 travels. From the wine harvest to the olive harvest, a lot of different properties -- including our Roman Countryside Discovery -- have events related to the season!



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