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Newsletter April 2014

Dear Friends,

Spring is here! The colors are returning to European markets in the form of flowers, vibrant produce, and, yes, tourists. Travel season has recommenced in full force this year, as clients realize that spring is a perfect time to visit our European cooking vacations.

Spring market in Italy Easter and passover are special times in the culture of most European countries. This year western Eastern and Greek Orthodox Easter fall on the same day (April 20), and Passover is from April 14 to the 22nd. While it is true that some places close down for these holidays (restaurants and shops more than cultural and historical sites), it is also true that the wealth of festivals, parades, and gastronomic traditions make it a great time to visit.

Easter Eggs in Greece While each country has its own traditions, France with its chocolate eggs, Italy with Easter Monday ("Pasquetta") picnics, Greece has some of the most elaborate Easter customs, as it is considered there the most important holiday of the year. During the week before Easter, known as Megali Ebdomada (literally the "Big Week"), Greeks go to church once or even twice a day, fast from meat and dairy, and prepare for the Easter celebration to come. That, of course, is characterized by a full spectrum of local culinary delights, including roast lamb on a spit on Easter Sunday and special Easter desserts. Want to find out more about Easter in Greece? It's not too late to booking our amazing Greek Cooking Odyssey or Greek Gastronomy on Santorini.

Karen in Greece Check our blog during the week of April 14th to learn more about Passover and Easter traditions in Italy, France, Spain, and Greece! And of course, you can always find more photos, food facts, and travel stories from us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Chag Sameach, Buona Pasqua, Joyeuses Pâques, Feliz Pascua, Kaló Páscha!



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