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Newsletter June 2017

Dear fellow foodies,

Summer time lunch July already! We wonder how we're already almost half-way through summer. This year has seen a lot of last-minute summer bookings, so if you're still trying to plan a trip for July or August, let us know. In the meantime, we've started taking 2018 bookings as well (for those of you who are slightly more organized).

We're very excited about a new trip in the Veneto at the gorgeous deluxe estate of Villa Cordevigo. This Five-Star Retreat in the Veneto features 2 cooking classes, one at the villa's Michelin-star restaurant and the other with a local "nonna" (grandma). Two very special and different experiences. You also get to visit one of our favorite Italian towns, Verona.

Five-Star Retreat in the Veneto In the meantime we are hard at work on our website redesign. Folks, it is going to be positively awesome! We'll have a lot of new features that will make it easier to find and compare all of our great itineraries.

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