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Newsletter November 2015

Dear Friends,

Autumn is a fun time at The International Kitchen. Although we have fewer travelers cooking their hearts out during November, December, and January, we still have our fair share of people traveling, and plenty to do getting ready for 2016.

Karen Herbst's travels to Southeast AsiaNot to mention travel of our own! Karen is just back from her first trip to Southeast Asia, where she was wowed by Vietnam, but truly fell in love with Cambodia. This has been one of our most exciting new destinations from the last year. To quote Karen, "The food was amazing, each and every meal. It didn't matter if we were dining at posh restaurants or grabbing some street food, each dish was spectacular."

Adrian, on the other hand, was exploring our top destination, Italy. He spent several days at the BuyVeneto tradeshow, where he met with our partners from the Veneto region, explored the city of Venice, and enjoyed being ushered around the other towns and countryside of the Veneto.

Adrian toured Puglia with the help of AugustFrom there he flew to Bari for the BuyPuglia workshop, which featured one of our favorite regions (and one of Italy's hidden gems) Puglia, or Apulia. A big thanks to Augusto of A Culinary Experience in Puglia for showing Adrian around before the trade show. It wasn't Adrian's first trip to Puglia, but it might have been his favorite! Ready to try this amazing region? Give us a call, Adrian will tell you why it is the best kept secret in Italy.

I was at the annual meeting of French Affairs, this year held in Atlanta. It was a wonderful event in which I had a chance to touch base with some of our long-standing cooking vacation vendors (hello Chateau de Berne!) and start talks to develop new products in new regions. It was a lot of fun, and I got a kick out of the fact that in a room of hundreds of French vendors I ended up at the table next to the only Italian in the room!

What else have we been up to? Pricing for 2016, for one. If you don't see 2016 pricing for one of our cooking vacations, that means we can still probably confirm at 2015 rates. We've also been developing new itineraries for 2016 (including an amazing new cooking vacation in Tuscany), so keep checking back for updates and be sure to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter.


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