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Newsletter June 2015

Dear friends,

Traveling solo doesn't mean you're traveling alone! While many of our cooking vacations can be confirmed for a minimum of two people, we're always happy to assist solo travelers in finding the perfect trip for them. There's lots of benefits to traveling alone -- just check out Travel Coordinator Peg's blog post on the subject -- especially when it comes to a cooking vacation. After all, it's easy to make friends over a meal, but it's even easier to make new friends when you're cooking together in a kitchen!

Cooking on the Amalfi CoatTo get you started, and dreaming about your next trip, consider our Women Only Week trips, which often take place in the Spring or the Fall.

Looking for something else? We have a handful of trips that can be confirmed for just one person, from our Chateau Culinary Adventure in the Loire Valley to our Greek Cooking Odyssey trip. But if you want to ensure you're joining a group of other like-minded culinary travelers, just pick out a trip that has a cross (†) next to the tour dates, as this means it's a week others have confirmed!

Contact us at any time to start planning your trip!


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