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Newsletter March 2017

Dear fellow food-loving travelers,

It's a snowy March day in Chicago today as I think back on last month and my trip to sunny Portugal! I had a fabulous time, and can't wait to send more of our travelers to this first-class destination.

Castle in Portugal I had, I confess, always thought of Portugal as a little sibling to Spain, and that is simply incorrect! Portugal has its own fascinating history, culture, art, and cuisine, not to mention wonderful wines, craft beers, and of course Port.

Portugal is full of castles, and in parts of the country there is an old castle ruin on almost every hilltop. It makes for fascinating explorations. Also, the Knights Templar, after their suppression in 1312, found a home in Portugal as the Military Order of Christ, which was protected by the Portuguese King. This means that there are Templar castles, monasteries, and artifacts spread throughout Portugal, and they make for fascinating excursions.

Cooking class in Portugal I was traveling with my family and we were able to enjoy cooking classes both in Evora, with the wonderful Sofia, who welcomes you into the teaching kitchen at her home, as well as with the handsome Rui, who leads our cooking classes in Porto. If you cook with him, he will even head out in the morning and will bring back some line-caught fish to prepare!

I love all our destinations, but I have to say, Portugal is a place I simply cannot wait to go back to. If you have any questions about our cooking vacations in Portugal, give us a call, I'd be happy to discuss them.

All best,