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Newsletter May 2017

Dear Fellow Foodies,

Spring is not in full bloom here in Chicago (we've had a chilly start to the season!) but it is bright and glorious at many of our favorite cooking destinations. This week we have travelers in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Peru doing some of our favorite itineraries. Haven't planned your summer travel yet? Give us a call. We've still got options for you.

TIK staff In the midst of all the rest of it we've been working on developing more domestic itineraries. We've had a great response from our culinary travelers to offering destinations closer to home. Last week Richard, Adrian, and I were off to Michigan to do some site inspections, and we plan to have both a one-day winery tour in southern Michigan and a 2-day getaway a bit farther north added to our offerings very soon.

American craft dinner As a native of Ohio and a long-time resident of Chicago, you might think I'd know Michigan well. But quite the contrary is true! In fact, I had no idea what a foodie haven parts of it are. The passion and - I'll call it "nerdiness" - of the foodies we met was infectious and fun. From the woman who told us the touching story of how her mother opened a pie shop on the family farm some 50 years ago to the young restauranteur who talked about paying for the venison they wanted to purchase by offering butchering classes, from the wine maker who opened up his barrels to give us a tasting of their latest Cabernet Sauvignon, to the cider-master who described searching around the countryside for "feral" apple trees that survived prohibition - Michigan was full of delicious surprises.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we add more offerings to our many wonderful itineraries!


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