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Newsletter May 2016

Dear friends and fellow culinary travelers,

With Spring in full swing, travel season feels like it has officially begun! While May seems to kick off travel for many of our guests, we've already been busy scoping out new destinations and visiting old favorites. Both Karen and Liz recently returned from visiting the south of France, so I've asked Liz to share a few tidbits about her time in a newer destination for us, so here is a bit about her trip, in her own words…

Cognac vineyard"Before my latest trip to France, I knew Bordeaux mainly for its wine -- after all, it's one of the most prolific wine areas in the world -- but what I didn't realize is that it's a wonderful jumping off point for discovering so much of the French countryside. (And also worth a visit all on its own too).

One of my favorite parts of my trip was heading north from Bordeaux, traveling up the route des chateaux as we went, to the Cognac region. I'll admit it; I hardly knew anything about the French brandy before visiting… but that was okay! I was quickly immersed into the world of cognac, its production process, and the brandy's incredible history that spans more than three centuries. In just two days, I discovered how the grapes of the cognac region are turned into eau de vie, which is then blended and aged in barrels. And the stories of the people who are involved in the process! That's what I love about our cooking and wine trips; you get to meet the locals who live and breathe the history of these places… and the food that goes along with it.

Cognac cocktailsI also had the pleasure of meeting Jean-Luc, the guide during our Discover Cognac Country: From Vine to Glass trip. As a Certified Cognac Educator, he's a wealth of knowledge, and the perfect escort as guests get a peek into the area's vineyards, wine estates, distilleries, and trading houses. In fact, he's able to show you many places that aren't even open to the public!

As if that's not reason enough to visit, I also came home with a newfound appreciation for cognac, and I'll admit, I've enjoyed a Cognac Summit -- a cocktail -- a few times since I've returned to the States too. So if you're looking for a unique experience in France, our cognac tour is a wonderful option."

Cognac isn't the only region where we've recently expanded! We also now offer a trip to the Dordogne, a picturesque place known for the black truffle. Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter for news about our latest trips.

All best,
Peg Kern

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