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Newsletter August 2016

Dear Friends,

It is September and Summer is officially ending. Welcome Autumn!

The Palazzo Seneca is fortunately okay following the earthquake in ItalyWe have had many past clients contact us in the last few weeks after the terrible earthquake in central Italy to inquire about our partners, and particularly about our friends in Norcia, where we have sent many travelers to our Food Lover's Adventure in Norcia. We are happy to report that all of our collaborators are well. Although Norcia did suffer some damage, it escaped the major destruction we've seen in other nearby towns, in part because of restructuring that was done following an earthquake a few decades ago. The Palazzo Seneca, where most of our guests in Norcia stay, was unscathed and our friends there thank everyone for their concern and well-wishes.

As for what is new here at The International Kitchen, we've been posting new itineraries and helping a lot of travelers find their perfect culinary getaway for the Fall! Yes, for Fall! We are still taking reservations for September and October, which are great months to travel to Europe. If you are interested in a last-minute trip please contact us.

And our last bit of news is a huge congratulations to our Tour Coordinator Adrian, who got married in Puglia (Italy) just a few days ago. Thanks to our partners at A Culinary Adventure in Puglia cooking vacation who helped make it happen, and of course our very best wishes to Adrian and his wife Darlene for a long and happy marriage!

All best,

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