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Newsletter August 2017

Dear Fellow Foodies,

Fall is upon us! That means the fall travel season is in full swing. Just this week we have people in Portugal, Burgundy, the French Alps, the Loire Valley, the Amalfi Coast, Piedmont, Morocco, Puglia, Emilia-Romagna, Greece, Tuscany, Venice, Lombardy and Provence! That's a lot of culinary travelers wearing TIK aprons and cooking their hearts out!

Cheese tasting in Puglia Darlene, our Marketing and Communications Coordinator, is currently in northern Puglia exploring the culinary wonders there. Some of the highlights so far have been visiting an ancient mill where they grind ancient and gluten-free grains into wonderful flours suitable for all sorts of recipes. Another was visiting a cheese producer to make fresh ricotta and mozzarella cheese. And she’s also done a cooking class featuring some of the region’s delicious dishes. She also got to spend a day with famed Pugliese chef Peppe Zullo. Back at the office we’re pretty jealous!

We hope to have additional itineraries to offer in this fabulous region soon after her return. If you don't follow us already, check out our Instagram feed to learn more about what we're up to. You can experience Puglia vicariously while keeping up with Darlene’s multi-course meals. We also have a new SnapChat channel: TIKcam!

Cheese tasting in Puglia Adrian is off in a couple of weeks to Spain, where he will be visiting our partners at A Capital Culinary Adventure in Madrid and looking for more cooking vacations in the northwest of Spain, including Galicia. So check back in October for more on his travels and what we will be adding to our offerings in Spain.

In the meantime, we are still working hard planning great trips for our culinary travelers. We are currently researching new itineraries in Peru, Sri Lanka, and Sardinia (one of my favorite destinations in Italy), as well as additional one-day class options in Italy.

Seafood dish in Provence We still have some spots available for October travel, including to one of our favorites cooking vacations in Provence. If you’re looking to travel in the slow season – November through Februrary – give us a call and we’ll make recommendations on which trips we think are best at that time of year.

And of course, 2018 is just around the corner, with lots of travelers planning next year’s cooking vacations even as we speak. Contact us if you’re ready to get started!

Kind regards,

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