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Newsletter October 2017

Dear fellow culinary travelers,

September was a busy month for us, with tons of travelers eating their hearts out on our cooking vacations. The fall is one of our peak seasons, as the weather is usually temperate and a lot of produce is in season. We also have some wonderful harvest itineraries featuring the grape and olive harvests, so it's a wonderful time to travel.

Darlene in Puglia, Italy We've been busy with travel too! Darlene is freshly back from Puglia, one of her favorite regions (and the one where she got married). Her favorite moments were exploring the wonderful farm of the charismatic Peppe Zullo. We hope to be ready to offer a new itinerary featuring Chef Peppe in the coming months. If you haven't checked out Darlene's blogs on Puglia make sure you do so, they are fun and informative! She has also been hard at work on our Instagram feed, where you can see our latest food and travel snapshots.

Adrian is just back from his first trip ever to Spain, and he was entranced. He started the trip in the north at Santiago de Compostela and on the Galician coast, where he ate many varieties of fish and seafood harvested from the Atlantic. From there he headed to Madrid, where he checked out our Capital Culinary Adventure in Madrid and enjoyed the food and culture of Spain's capital city.

Fresh Gazpacho I too was meeting with Spaniards, but in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at a special Spain workshop offered by the Spanish Tourist Board. It was our second time attending the event, and it was enormously productive. In addition to meeting with our partners for our Basque Cuisine in Bilbao cooking itinerary, I also started the planning for some new trips to Spain, including new itineraries in Valencia, Extramadura, and Castilla la Mancha.

Karen is just back from her most recent Travels with Karen week, which featured the Amalfi Coast and the Veneto region. She and the ladies on the trip had a marvelous time. Karen is leading another trip, this one to Sicily, in June (sold out, wait list only), and will be offering a fabulous week in Lazio later next year - so be on the lookout for that trip!

We still have space for some last-minute fall travel, and are happy to help you plan some interesting holiday travel as well. Contact us if you are interested!

Kind regards,

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