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Molise Cooking Vacations

Molise is one of Italy's lesser known regions, located on the mid-southeastern coast. But it is one of the most perfect destinations in Italy for foodies. A verdant paradise, it is an agricultural stronghold, and a key producer of wine, olive oil, fruits and vegetables, grains, and dairy. It is also a key player in food production, with pasta, dairy, oil, and cured meat products widely produced in the area.

Molise and its neighbor to the north, Abruzzo, used to be a single region (called Abruzzi e Molise), and the cuisine of the two regions are similar. Cured meats, cheeses, and herbs are some of the staples of "la cucina Molisana," and you will explore all of these during your hands-on cooking lessons.

Your cooking classes in Molise will allow you to learn the secrets behind this hearty Italian cuisine, and to explore the rich flavors during foodie tours and tastings. See below information on our current itinerary in Molise: we hope to be adding others soon!

Cooking Vacations in Molise

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From the beautiful Apennine mountains to the blue coast of the Adriatic Sea, your cooking vacation in Molise will offer natural beauty, authenticity, and rich, hearty flavors at every turn. Stay at a hotel on a generations-old farmstead property, learn the secrets of the local cuisine, and enjoy foodie excursions to taste the many products for which Molise is famous.

6 nights – Available March through September 24 for a minimum of two people (other months available on request.)

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