Best Winter Vacations for Your Winter Warm Up

Winter is a great time to travel, and we have plenty of winter vacation ideas to help you decide where to relax with a wonderful culinary tour. Whether you’re interested in a luxury, high-end winter vacation or one of our charming winter getaways, we are here to help you plan the perfect trip.

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Why Travel in Winter

There are many reasons to try one of our best winter vacations. First, if you live in a cold-weather climate like we do, it’s a chance for a winter warm up. Imagine yourself lying on the beach in Mexico, lunching in a vineyard in Argentina, or watching the sunrise over the Sahara desert.

Our winter getaways are also a chance to take advantage of low season pricing and fewer crowds at our European destinations. Want to see Michelangelo’s David on a Florence food tour or the Mona Lisa during a culinary vacation in Paris? European tours in the winter can be a perfect way to enjoy the destination without fighting your way through the crowds.

Another reason to try our winter holiday destinations is for the wonderful winter foods. If you are traveling to Europe, you can take advantage of the winter produce and hearty winter meals. If you head to South America, you’ll find the growing climate of the Southern Hemisphere full of fresh, succulent produce. Where ever you travel on our best winter vacations you’ll find the same delicious, delectable food and drink that you would expect of a culinary tour with The International Kitchen.

Where to Travel in Winter

Are you looking for our best December vacations for the holidays? We have destinations that feature special Christmas and New Year’s weeks, whether you want a warm-weather winter vacation or a snowy European winter getaway. Celebrate on our best winter vacations for families and have a Christmas that your family will never forget!

If you are interested in our Mendoza wine tours, winter is a perfect time to travel. In fact, all of our South American culinary tours are great options for a winter vacation. Visit magical Cusco and discover the grandeur of the Incas. Head to the cloud forest in Northern Peru for an utterly authentic and unforgettable exploration of Peruvian cuisine and culture.

Some of our best winter vacations are in sunny Mexico, where you can savor the flavors, fresh produce, craft liquors, and beautiful beaches.

Or, if you want a more exotic, luxury winter vacation, why not head to Morocco to explore one of the hottest foodie destinations? Morocco has increasingly become a favorite for foodies wanting a unique and authentic culinary tour, and we can design a custom tour for you depending on the specific season and your personal interests.

If you are perusing our best January vacations you might find that Southeast Asia is the perfect choice. Our culinary tours in Vietnam, for instance, are great options for winter vacations, and you can pair one of our Vietnam cooking vacations with Cambodia and Thailand for a perfect winter-time trip.

How to Choose a Winter Vacation

Peruse our cooking vacations to see if one of our set culinary tours is the right option for your winter vacation, or contact us if you’d like us to design a custom-made trip. We can customize almost any of our cooking vacations, or we can start from scratch and design one to suit your interests and budget. In fact, we believe this ability and willingness to customize is one of the things that sets us apart as a tour company!

So contact us to get started. We’d love to talk to you about our best winter vacations. Or consider the wide selection of amazing and authentic winter vacations, including those listed here.

Best Winter Vacations

Cooking and Culture in Vietnam and Cambodia – Visit Southeast Asia on one of our favorite trips, full of the flavors and sites of these wonderful countries.

Cooking on the Riviera Maya – Enjoy the sunshine and beaches of Mexico while learning to cook authentic Mexican cuisine on our 4-night or 6-night cooking vacations.

A Culinary Adventure in Puglia – Enjoy a special Christmas week, or travel any time to one of our favorite destinations in Italy for a fabulous winter vacation.