International Cooking School Vacations: Greece Client Comments
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Greece: Comments from our Guests

Lunch after cooking “The trip was amazing — even better than I expected. Katerina was a wonderful hostess. Her generosity of spirit was overwhelming. When we were out and about on the island and would run into friends and relatives of Katerina, she would always introduce us as her friends and through her actions, she always made us feel that way.”

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Greek Islands

Culinary Secrets To A Longer Life With Diane Kochilas

Greece was wonderful, Diane's cooking classes were wonderful, Ikaria was wonderful. A very warm and welcoming week – we cooked, tried lots of interesting foods, met goatherds and beekeepers. Really may have been in my top 3 vacations ever in my life! Carolyn S. Read More...

Greek Cooking Odyssey

Our cooking school on Poros with Katerina was one of the best weeks of any holiday we've ever had. It was extra special for us as we were there for their Greek Easter weekend and were able to take part in various cultural activities including the Sunday roast lamb with Read More...

Greek Gastronomy on Santorini

The cooking lesson at Aromis Aliv was the best. The food was normal and easy to replicate. The one at Selene Restaurant was not as good and lasted too long. I can never imagine a situation where I would want to make my own Phyllo dough. It was interesting, but Read More...