The International Kitchen Blog: A Visit to Florence's Sant'Ambrogio market
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Tuscany Cooking Class and Tour: A Visit to Florence's Sant'Ambrogio market

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Shop and eat like the locals do by visiting a market in Florence, such as Mercato Sant'Ambrogio. While the merchants here sell everything from furniture to crafts and clothing, they also sell a range of food ingredients and products, including vegetables and fruit (seasonal of course), pastries, meats, cheeses, seafood, and a whole lot more. In other words, navigate this famous market -- which you can visit during a Florence cooking class with a number of different chefs -- to buy whatever Italian ingredients or foods your heart desires!

Italy food marketOriginally designed in 1873 by architect Giuseppe Mengoiin, today the market in Piazza Ghiberti is located in both an open air and indoor market, where you can find the locals every day except Sunday when the stalls are closed. While it's an experience just going to the market to people watch -- and see merchants hawk and bargain their wares -- there is so much to taste and explore in this authentic market.

During our Tuscany cooking classes, Chef Laura, Barbara, or Jacopo will happily guide you through the stalls and provide tips on how to best choose ingredients (as well as bargain for them) prior to heading to the kitchen to cook. Our Tuscany tour -- "Colors and Savors in Florence" -- also passes through the market during a gourmet walking and historical tour. And last but not least, our 6-night program "Beyond Deluxe: Five Star Dream in Tuscany" stops at the famous market during a tour of the city, so you can taste some of the best hot salamis and sheep cheeses in all of Tuscany.

By Liz Hall

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