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Holiday Culinary Vacations: Discover Traditions in France, Mexico, and Beyond

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Welcome to June! Although summer is just getting underway, it's the perfect time to start planning a holiday culinary vacation this Fall and Winter. We're big proponents of saying that cooking and eating the food of a region is a great way of discovering the culture, and that's no more true than around the holidays.

Paris at ChristmasFor one, the wonderful husband and wife chef team at Le Calabash Cooking School are hosting guests for a very special Christmas vacation December 11-18, 2013. The trip begins in the quaint town of Yzueres-sur-Creuse, where you'll learn to make rustic French dishes as well as classic holiday cuisine, such as lemon soufflé with Christmas berry ice cream and a Bûche de Noël. You'll then head to Paris, and visit stunning Christmas markets and even stop at a popular kitchen store. This is a fabulous once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For something a little different, you can also experience the Day of the Dead during our culinary vacation "Hola Mexico" as the itinerary varies based on the season and according to holidays. In addition to experiencing this holiday first hand, the vivacious Chef Ana will introduce you to delicious traditional dishes, and you'll have the opportunity to explore ancient sites, such as the pyramids of Xochicalco.

These are just two ideas for holiday vacations. Many of our programs are located at hotels that are open year-round. Perhaps head to Norcia for "A Culinary Adventure in Umbria," where the season of truffles begins in the cooler months, and you can partake in a truffle hunt. Or, visit Tuscany with "Cook Under the Tuscan Sun" and learn seasonal dishes in a Michelin-rated restaurant. The possibilities are endless!

By Liz Hall

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