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Rome Cooking Vacation with Masterchef Italia Tiziana

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Like the "MasterChef" culinary competition in the U.S., "MasterChef Italia" is all about turning a home cook into a culinary star. During its second season, the judges - Carlo Cracco, Bruno Barbieri, and Joe Bastianich - chose lawyer turned chef, Tiziana Stefanelli, as the cream of the crop. Now, Chef Tiziana is sharing her culinary skills during our new Rome cooking vacation, "Taste of Rome."

Tiziana cooks in a style that innovates traditional Roman dishes with modern touches, something that can be called the "MasterChef Italia" way of cooking. After all, the challenges on the show - like the mystery box, team challenges, duels, and invention tests - encourage the culinary contestants to think out of the box. The result is still an Italian dish, just elevated.

Chef Tiziana isn't just a chef though; she's also a wine expert. As such, in her home-based cooking class, she pairs fine wines with each of her courses.

Since winning "MasterChef Italia," Tiziana not only began offering classes, but she also wrote an illustrated cookbook, "Avvocato in Cucina," that includes an enormous array of Italian dishes, from first courses to dessert.

In addition to the class with the chef, "Taste of Rome" includes 3 nights accommodations at a five-star hotel, dinners at Roman restaurants, and a full-day tour of Rome, including the Vatican Museums by night.

By Liz Hall

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