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Quercy Cooking Vacation: Learning All About Foie Gras

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While the process of foie gras may be controversial, due to the force feeding of ducks, it has a long and storied history that dates all the way back to the fifth dynasty of Egypt. The practice of foie gras made its way to France around 1100, but its popularity didn't become widespread until about 1961 when it started appearing on restaurant menus around the world.

Quercy cooking classThe stories of how foie gras came to be are at once educational and enlightening, and something you can learn more about with a trip to France during our cooking vacation "Gastronomic Retreat in the Quercy." On day two of the itinerary, Chef Guy Herault introduces guests to the art of foie gras preparation and service during a cookery course. Then, that afternoon, learn more about the delicacy's history with a visit to the foie gras museum in Frespech.

This unique museum is run on a family farm, where ducks are raised and farmhouse products prepared, including, of course, foie gras. The Boissière family uses the Musee du Foie Gras to educate the public about the dish's history and how it came to be an important part of gastronomy in France, despite it being banned in a number of other countries.

In addition to the day of foie gras, this Quercy cooking vacation also includes three gastronomic dinners, a cooking class focused on fish, a visit to Chateau Lamartine for a wine tasting, a Cahors wine tasting, and accommodations in a lovely chateau.

By Liz Hall

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