Mona’s Favorite Women Only Week Cooking Vacation Memory

November 23, 2012  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Mona’s Favorite Women Only Week Cooking Vacation Memory

Our program coordinator, Mona Penner, likes to say, "I was a repeat client long before I started working for The International Kitchen!" When not working in our Chicago office, Mona can often be found on one of our many cooking vacations with a friend or two. In one of her latest trips this past October, she headed to the Amalfi Coast to enjoy a 6-night Mediterranean cooking vacation, "Women Only Week." Here she recounts just one of her many memories from that trip.

"Chicagoans have never been shy about telling everyone that we serve great pizza in our town. But once I tasted Neapolitan pizza, I was a convert. The crisp, but still chewy, quality of the crust is my idea of perfection.

Pizza on a cooking vacation in ItalyOne of the most special memories of my "Mediterranean Cooking Experience: Women Only Week" in Sant’Agata, just across the bay from Naples, was the night we made pizza dough. We then created our own pizzas, baked them in a wood-burning brick oven, and enjoyed them with a glass of wine. The gnocchi, the ravioli, and the sautéd calamari were all delicious…but I think about that pizza.

Hopefully, during the Christmas vacation, I’ll have more time to make the dough with my grandchildren. And with the help of a pizza stone, be able to make new memories with them!"

Other highlights of this WOW getaway include touring a local farm where mozzarella is made, visiting Pompeii's ruins, fabulous meals and accompanied by local wines, and the cooking classes with the chef.

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By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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