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November 16, 2020  |  By Liz SanFilippo Hall
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Vinho verde on a Portugal wine tour.In Europe, food and wine go hand in hand, making drinking wine a part of every day culture. While this topic is one that often stirs controversy, it’s a simple fact of life in much of Europe: tasting (and that means sipping) wine at an early age is a societal norm. So when you’re visiting Europe? Don’t be surprised if your teenager is offered a glass of wine.

Glass of wine with dinnerThe decision to give kids a taste of wine is, of course, a decision of the parents, but it’s a common occurrence, especially throughout Italy, France, and Spain, all countries where we offer a variety of cooking vacations. And it truly is a ‘sip’ of wine, as binge drinking is frowned upon there just as it is here in the States. When kids are given their first taste, it’s often just given as a sip, a spoonful of wine mixed into their water, or even served in a thimble!

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The philosophy behind this is that wine is just a part of a family meal together, so why not share it with the whole family? As such, it’s more like a ceremonial beverage or ritual, and it teaches the kids from an early age how that local wine pairs with food. The wine is introduced a safe environment, enjoyed, and talked about.

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Of course, do what you feel comfortable with when you’re traveling with your teens in Europe. They can still take a tour of the winery with you – and learn just how that wine is made – but they can always forgo the sip of wine at the end of the tour. Then again, as they say, ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do.’

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By Liz Hall

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