Culinary Tours: Why You Should Travel to France

November 17, 2020  |  By Peg Kern
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This blog was originally published on July 15, 2016, the day after a terrorist drove a truck into the crowded streets of Nice, France.

Today’s blog was supposed to feature some of our many new and amazing cooking vacations in France. But in the wake of the tragic events in Nice I can’t write about truffles and cognac, or about wine and cheese. What I can write about is France. Beautiful, alive, artistic, ineffable France, and why you should travel there.

Paris I’m not going to quote statistics that I found on google explaining why traveling to France is still a million times safer than the majority of stuff you do in any given day. And I’m not going to say you should travel to France because to succumb to fear means the terrorists win.

Rocamadour You should travel to France because it is one of the most exquisite and culturally rich places on earth. Whether you want the sophistication of Paris’s museums, the down-to-earth rusticity of the Normandy coast, the sunshine and cliffs of Provence, the winsome countryside of the interior, or the stunning landscapes of the Alps, France has something for everyone. It surprises even the seasoned traveler again and again with the depth of its beauty, charm, and grace. Any land that dedicates so much of its energy to food, wine, art, and culture is a place I would travel to willingly any day of the week.

Even today. Especially today.

St. Tropez So travel to France. Do it with us, do it with another tour operator, or do it on your own, but travel to France.

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